CdS: Inter stands ready to bid on Cerci. The Price…

June 29, 2014 15:03
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Corriere dello Sport continues to write today about Alessio Cerci and a possible move to Inter. Everton and Roma has already had their offers of 12 million euros turned down from Torino. Now, Inter stands ready to give La Granata 15 million euros and a player of their choosing between Botta, Benassi and Schelotto, all targeted by Torino. The two clubs will met shortly.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • handal

    its seems everyone is happy so hopefully the deal goes through.

  • interfans

    Assalamualaikum, Mr. Ausilio.. You must work so hard. Inter milan need you so much. Get some of good player like christiano ronaldo or messi. thanks. Assalamualaikum wa’ rahmatulahi wa’barokahtu.

  • Joaquin

    This is indeed acceptable!
    really want Cerci.

  • Febri Haryadi

    without benassi

  • Interista2199

    I surely hope this deal is true, as cerci and palacio/icardi in the attack would create so much trouble for any opponent.

  • interistindonesia

    12 m + schelloto is enough

    • interfans

      Do you know Jokowi, guys? Is he a good player? My friend says that Jokowi is a good player in Indonesia more than Prabowo. My friend also always says to me, Messi number one but Jokowi number two. So choose him. is it true? if it’s true, Ausilio must choose him ASAP.

  • Kiro

    Cerci is a good player, and I think he will be happy to stay in Italy, where he is doing well and is valued. Don’t think he’ll risk going to another league now that he was called up for the national team for a bloody World Cup.

    Also, Torino will probably be willing to do business with Inter after all the deals that have been struck in recent times between the two clubs. This is completely possible if Inter can afford the 15 million euros mentioned in this post.