Metro – Inter joins the race for Hector Moreno

June 29, 2014 15:56
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The Mexican central defender shows his value during the World Cup in Brazil at the moment and it stands clear that his time at Espanyol is up. Many of Europes big clubs are interested in signing Moreno this summer. Inter, Tottenham, Marseille and Manchester United. Tonight, Mexico takes on Netherlands and Luis Van Gaal gets a great opportunity to get a good look at Moreno.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • TCL

    He fractured his tibia today, I am sure it will take long to recover..

  • jair

    good player, him and dos santos. do it!

  • interfans

    Assalamualaikum, Mr. Ausilio.. You must work so hard. Inter milan need you so much. Get some of good player like christiano ronaldo or messi. thanks. Assalamualaikum wa’ rahmatulahi wa’barokahtu.