Campagnaro: “I want to stay but I will respect the decisions.

June 30, 2014 15:40
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The World cup and Inter, Hugo Campagnaro was interviewed about La Manana and talked about the most interesting things in his footballing life right now:

“Being a part of this world cup team is the best thing that has happened to me in my career. I have fought for many years. I never thought I would come here when I was playing for Deportivo Moron, it’s a great emotion because many were left out and I wasn’t sure about being a part of the 23 players. Luckily the coach had faith in me. Changes? Yes after twelve seasons in Italy, in Argentina I only played at Deportivo and you can’t compare it with the Serie A. There are big differences in the organizations, structure and professionalism, it’s a whole another world. I have had the luck to play in two great Italian teams like Napoli and Inter. At Napoli you experience the football with great passion and we managed to qualify for the Champions League twice and also won an Italian cup title. A great experience. At Inter I didn’t have the continuity that I wished for. I know it was due to special reasons that I will talk about some day. I want to stay at Inter to get my revenge, but I understand if the coach and the club thinks the opposite way. At the moment I only think about the world cup and in the end I will analyze my future.”


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By Editorial Staff