Rolando: Porto lower their demand

June 30, 2014 20:21
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There is still no agreement between Inter and Porto for the transfer of Rolando to Inter. But according to there are signs of progress and the two clubs are getting closer to reach an agreement. Inter has offered 3.5 million euros and it is difficult that the offer will be increased while the Portuguese club on the other hand initially asked for 5.5/6 million euros. The latest rumours though are saying that the difference is now down to one million euros with the Porto directors ready to go down to 4.5 million euros. What will the nerazzurri answer be? At the moment, as stated before there is no agreement but it is possible that one will be found in the ocming days. Maybe with both clubs coming closer to the others offer.



Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • ElLoboNerrazurri83

    Rolando had a good loan spell with Inter but Porto have slapped a ridiculous price tag on a player they don’t want at the club and that wasn’t even included on Portugal 23 man world cup roster.Porto has played hardball with the Nerrazzurri the majority of the summer for a player not worth the time or money when they have Juan Jesus, Campagnaro, Ranocchia and new signing Vidic. A name mentioned a few days ago was Mexico/Espanyol defender Hector Moreno had a very impressive World Cup and showed he can defend some of the best players in the world, I know he got injured and will be sidelined till November but its worth the gamble with his good World Cup showing. Hes valued the same as Rolando but hes younger and has a good upside. Chile’s “El Pit Bull” Medel was also mentioned hes also another player with a good World Cup performance and is valued the same as Rolando and with his current club Cardiff City regulated it could be a quality buy and addition to the Nerrazzurri Defense. A player Inter should consider taking a look at is Cagliuri gem Nicola Murru this kid has skill and should be snapped up quick before a rival team snaps him up. There many players Inter should consider over Rolando at this point. Im also tired of the whole Freddy Guarin for Giovinco trade proposal with Juve its fine that they talk trade but Giovinco isnt enough if they want Guarin soo bad and dont want to pay up then they must include Daniele Rugani, Luca Marrone and Simone Zaza because there not parting with there future star Domenico Berardi which I rather send Guarin the other way for just him.

    • Bellal

      Well said.

    • JZ4

      Well said, mate! Rolando is quite good and he is cheaper now. IMO, we should get him and play nice with his situation that he wants to stay at Inter. I do really like Hector Moreno and Medel based on their WC performances, but we all know that both of them are Non EU passport holders thus could provide further problems to Ausilio. Moreover, Mazzarri don’t want them or maybe he has not heard yet about them at all. That would create another problem, just like M’villa’s situation while Mazzarri still in love with Behrami. There are many young and great prospects out there, and we are fans know how to find which one is good for our beloved club. Sadly, the club does not plan to hear our voices.

    • calviniste

      You’re talking about young potential players? Err, we are still coached by Mazzarri remember? Go take a look at Laxalt, Botta, Taider, and many of our young players, where are they? Useless for Mazzarri. While Juan were promoted nicely by Strama, Icardi and Kovacic are lucky because Mazzarri was running out of options at that time and forced to use both of them, the other youngsters are not as lucky as them. Whilst WM still the coach, kinda useless to talk about youngsters.

      • ryd

        Yes you’re right my friend…Strama is better than mazzari for coaching youngster