SM: “Atlético wants Icardi, Handanovic and Guarin”

June 30, 2014 16:19
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Icardi_Bologna reports about the situation on the Inter mercato. M’Vila is in pole position as reinforcement on the midfield together with Casemiro. Inter is suffering from the pressure from Atlético for Icardi, Handanovic and Guarin. Last Wednesday Ausilio is said to have received an offer for Icardi(22 million euro’s) and Handanovic(8 million euro’s). In is resisting for the striker and the goalkeeper whilst they have the intention to negotiate for Guarin.


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • masoudzarifi2

    these are all rumerous……….handa last year was 30m and now 8m??????hahahaaa/////handa 30m and icardi 35m ….guarin 18m…….

  • Hilky

    This offers made me laugh

  • slim_blues_boy

    LOL, then show us the moneys!
    we bought Handa for 11m + faraoni, and they only bid 8m?
    we bought Icardi for 13m, he has bright future, and they only bid 22m?
    meanwhile on the otherside, we want suarez, practically only subs player, but they asked fo 24m?
    well atletico, you’re livin in dream world.

    • retsu

      Agree with you

  • Can someone tell me is inter the solution to athletico problem