FCIN: Botta’s future lies away from Milan

July 31, 2014 11:08
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Our partners at FCInternews.it examine the future of Inter’s Argentinian forward Ruben Botta. The players future is further and further from Milan but this will almost certainly only be on a loan. Recent rumours of Torino, Fiorentina and Cagliari are all being denied by those respective clubs. Inter would like Botta to remain in Italy, so Parma and Hellas Verona are the two most likely destinations. It’s difficult to say which club has the advantage but it looks certain the players future will be decided by the beginning of August.

Source: FCInternews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Eroll

    Seriously Alvarez is better player than Botta. He’s is our best player last season up until he hit by injury. I even remember reading an article that say Alvarez is one of europe best peformer in the begining of the season (Par with Messi, Ronaldo, etc statistically). he’s on Argentina National Team and also Inter player with most assist last season. I think we should keep Alvarez & Sell Guarin. Botta on the other hands, we should loan him.

    • inter

      ur talking abt alvarez , he is not consistent and slows down the plays, and the only reason he looked gd at the 1st half of the season is because WM didnt play kovacic, and thohir hadn’t bought hernanes yet, but then after those two we saw the diff and how bad alvarez is, besides he barely played in the world cup so that shows he is only fit to be a bench warmer

      • Eroll

        That’s why Alvarez can be a better alternative to Kovacic and Hernanes than Botta.

    • HP

      Loan Bota, but do not sell him. This guy has a lot of skill, he was out for b months due to ACL injury. He barely had any playing time last year. google all the stuff he did when he was in Argentina with Tigre. This guy is really young he just need a coach that help him grow. Off course that can’t be WM. It would be great for this guy to play under Zeman where he could develop an play at his natural postion an attacking midfield or winger a la DeMaria

  • 1908

    WM will keep him for sure because mr charisma vacuum knows he’s our secret weapon.

  • Interista2199

    His 24 and doesn’t seem decisive when he plays so far.. A loan won’t hurt but if by next year he did not develop then he should be sold. Some of us interista forget that inter Are a winning team it can’t afford to wait several years for a player that by his age should be amazing.

    • inter

      botta is really talented and versatile, he showed glimpses of it when he came in last yr, but its not enough but he was getting back from injury, so i think we should keep him this yr and actually play him cz he deserves a shot, i mean look at alvarez he was supposed to be a big hit but proved to us to be a flop (after waiting on him 4 yrs he is still a flop that should have been sold 2 yrs ago), so it wouldnt hurt us if we kept him atleast till half season to c what he is worth, cz we r playing on 3 fronts and we need a talented versatile player like botta

  • i think this player should sell it, he never have a great skill

    • Interista1

      Then you don’t know football my good man, if it’s something he got then it’s skills, he was injured and needs to play so loan him to club that will play him week after week so he can get back….Cagliari or Torino is the best options seeing how they are going to play attack style game….

      • i hope my fren, in the fact he cant make a goal and assist last season even in friendly game OMG

  • jihad

    he needs to play to improve a loan would be great for him