GDS: Osvaldo done, Mazzarri served

July 31, 2014 04:30
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The front page of tomorrow’s “Gazetta dello Sport” is dedicated to Inter’s acquisition of Pablo Daniel Osvaldo. The headline reads, “Mazzarri is served” and is accompanied by a picture of the former Juventus player. The paper will be on newsstands in the coming hours.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • azmibaharudin

    greaat… thanks thohir and ausilio

  • Carl-Louis

    If anyone saw Osvaldo play in Roma, you know how good he is. A perfect signing if he can act like a grownup! Bravo!

  • tuadi

    Branca who?

  • Zselic

    i doubt Mazzarri is ‘served’, cause everyone knows Osvaldo is a good back-up at best, plus his shitty attitude is something we do not need for sure

    it is much more like ‘hey Walter, sorry we can’t sign a high profile attacker you wanted, but here’s Osvaldo’

    • Interista2199

      Yea I consider him a much cheaper alternative to jovetic

      • Zselic

        Jovetic is a versatile attacker, with great passing, long shots and finish while Osvaldo is… not. at all.

        • Ehsan

          Hey come on boy, I know he is not a first class forward but hey, he is not a “not at all”

  • jarden

    Icardi, osvaldo, m villa, vidic, medel o my this inter will hurt any team.

  • Eroll

    Medel & Another Striker. And We’re Done B)

  • interkovacic

    Ausilio is really great!! Hernanes vidic mvila rolando
    And maybe medel and chicharito

  • O Fenomeno

    I want an Inter squad that can battle for Seria A. Not a team that can barely make it for a champions league spot. I know the team has been going through a lot of changes. But the quality of players we have is lower than that of Juve,Napoli, Fiorentina, Roma (maybe even Milan). That’s not acceptable!!!

  • O Fenomeno

    We need another attacking midfielder. Our midfield is all more defensive (m’villa. medel) or central (kova Hernanes) we need someone who can play as trequatista or second striker. Someone like Cerci or Jovetic(which is impossible) would add edge to this team. I don’t know why inter never goes for the good players from the league. Someone like Bonaventure from Atalanta or Ilicic. We even stopped going for rising stars from top clubs in Argentina and Brazil. It’s very sad the scouting system in inter. How players like Andreoli, Schelotto, Krihn, Obi are considered for serious 1st team action. All our full backs are either bad or just average (nagatomo, dodo. Jonathan, D’ambrosio)

  • O Fenomeno

    Jonny. Vidic. JJ. Naga
    Medel. M’Villa
    Kovacic. Hernanes
    Palacio Icardi


    Vidic. JJ. Rano
    Jonny. Medel Kova. Hernanes. Naga
    Palacio. Icardi

  • Light

    Let’s Benvenuto Pablo!


    Osvaldo is a good signing. I don’t want chicharito to come instead maybe cerci

  • fahm

    2nd year, got everything he want. Can’t accept failure for me

  • Ang387

    I have high hopes for Osvaldo! he needs to reinvent himself and inter gives him the chance to do it and hope to see many goals from him!

  • hassan

    Wait till he mess up dressing room

  • Peter

    I think between Palacio, Icardi, Osvaldo, Hernanes and co, we are guaranteed to see some pretty exciting goals this season!!

    • 1908

      R u serious, with WM as our tactiction he makes ranieri look like a mastermind.