Osvaldo’s former agent: “He declined Juve to join Inter”

July 31, 2014 13:25
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Dario Decoud who is Osvaldo’s friend and former agent talked to calciomercato.com about the situation for the player:

“The deal is almost done, it’s not yet done because Osvaldo needs to resolve some things with his former club. Lets hope the deal can be done in this week because Osvaldo is ready to come to Italy. For Inter he declined other offers, like the one from Olympiacos and the one from Juve(after Morata’s injury). He wants the nerazzurri.”

Source: Fcinternews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Oh pleez….let’s set the record straight here. This is what Marotta told upper management

    “why would we spend 10 mill and pay his salary if he will warm the pine for us”

    This is what management told Marotta

    “we want to buy more players like Pogba for 1 mill that are now worth 60 mill”


    “we spent 11 mill on vidal and now he is worth 50 mill – what return on investment be on Osvaldo? NOTHING”

    Here is what the Juve fans are saying

    “HAHAHA!! if you need another leftover Juve striker there’s Bentner and Anelka available. Don’t laugh at these options because they are better than Rocchi, Van Nilsteroy and John Carew !! “

    • Nerazzurri_4

      Got treble?

    • Chalon

      It feels you always say the same shit about the same player (Vidal Pogba).

      Anyway this is what happened. Cause you know I also have insider info like you do lol!

      Marotta offered Osvaldo a contract after Morata got hurt…. but Osvaldo said (I heard it myself) “no thanks… now that Conte is gone… and Allegri (hahaha) is the coach you guys are going to start a downward spiral… while Inter is on the up.. so I’m sorry.”

      Next thing that’s gonna happen is Vidal out… our sub Guarin in for Juve. Birds in Turin are leaving the city in mass.

      GOOD DAY

    • Hire Allegri As Conte’s Replacement is A Brilliant Idea

      allegri..nuff said

    • Eroll

      So many butthurt rube fans over Osvaldo. LOL. No need to pay 10 Mil. We only need to pay for his salary, that’s a steal. Morata teared his ligaments in his 1st training & Allegri, Juve reign on serie-a might end sooner than expected.

  • Inter Kosova




    Young players to be loaned and ready for next season(they say like this every year).
    Mbaye,Duncan,Botta,Bardi,Laxalt and others.

    • Huacanacha

      Too many strikers. If Osvaldo comes we need someone who can play a second striker and maybe wing. We only have Palacio for that role. Ricky isn’t good enough there and Kova doesn’t do as well that far forward. Hence the links to Jovetic, Lamela, Cerci etc.

  • InterTwined

    Relax guys he’s a good signing, hes a low cost gamble with a high upside if he can come in to games and relieve Icardi when needed. We do need a quality backup and he can be that. Icardi, Kovacic and Palacio are very much the guys upfront.

  • The agent got it wrong he rejected jube because of allegri

  • retsu

    Inter will focus on icardi and kovacic. And we will not Buy the player that can take over their position, Thohir said. Sure osvaldo will be the subs.

  • ziecker

    Arturo Vidal passes medical tests with Manchester United ahead of transfer.. two big lost for Juve after Conte left the club.. come Mr President.. Scudetto this year not a dream, bring at least two more good player!

  • Tonio

    “He declined Juve to join Inter”. Bullshit, how could Juve want him back while he only scored one goal in half a season there? The agent takes us for fools. I hope Mazzari remains with Palacio-Icardi as his first choice..

    • Eroll

      I hate his attitude & doesnt like his playing style at all. but he’s one of the best striker to get with little to none cost. Osvaldo is not Juve first choice, they already have tevez, llorente & morata. They only want him because of Morata Injury.

  • interkovacic

    I hope he doesnt become start player instead of icardi

  • Dany

    I hope this johnny depp look alike will give us his best just like the past when he was played for Roma.

  • pick

    Ope he wouldnt stop icardis development

  • PrimaLaJuve

    Nothing to do with the fact that at Juve he wouldn’t get a game? He obviously preferred playing for Intermerda to peeling oranges sitting on the bench.

    • troll at it’s best, welcome jubentini

      • PrimaLaJuve

        One goal in his time at Juve as a striker. Where do you really think he’ll get game time?
        So who’s the troll?

        • Ehsan

          Still you, and get the hell out of here you thieves

        • Eroll

          I know its hurt to be rejected by “shitty” player like Osvaldo ? LOL

          Calm down mate

        • TQ

          Rube merda, serie B is waiting for you 🙂
          Forza rube merda!!!
          Forza serie B!!!

        • Chalon

          Wow talk about being oblivious. You are the troll because you come to an Inter page to insult our much better… treble winner…. never in series B… non-threatening team.

          Now to the topic at hand. Allegri is not Conte so he might have played him.

          One last thing… I suggest you humble yourself because Juve is going to lose Vidal and already did Conte…. you guys are going to start going down. Mark my words. June mierda bitch. Now go away.

    • Bellal

      ahh rube fan, go back to serie B where you belong

    • Rondoteles

      rubentus can scudetto cause the referee and most scandal. how a team got 102 points but failed in UCL and Europa. that’s very strange.

    • Nerazzurri_4

      Got treble?

    • Hire Allegri As Conte’s Replacement is A Brilliant Idea

      how’s allegri?

  • pick

    Hope he will not stop icardis development

  • wkkekekek good comment broooo

  • inter

    osvaldo can be managed, he didnt mess up at jube, and i think mazzari can manage him well cz he is the type of coach u cant make mistakes with

  • Grey

    And tell your player not to mess up the locker room!!

    • oneal

      I hope he punches WM in the face