Pedullà: Schelotto comes closer to Southampton

July 31, 2014 13:29
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The mercato expert Alfredo Pedullà wrote on his official website about the situation for Ezequiel Schelotto who could join Southampton in the Osvaldo deal:

“Schelotto comes closer to join Southampton as a part of the Osvaldo-Inter deal. There will be a meeting during the afternoon. Schelotto would like to return to Parma but it could take long before this would be done. The possibility to become a protagonist in the Premier League is tempting. All of this is happening because Taider is taking his time on deciding what to do, maybe the Algerian isn’t convinced in moving to England. Osvaldo wants and sees Inter, today there will be a meeting for Schelotto.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • kovacic

    he really is big hearted he love inter so much and he secrifice himself for inter.. thank u so much schelotto..

  • da ruan

    It seems like all premier league team shop from Southampton. They shop from us: Schelotto, taider, Campagnaro, here we go we can offer you a pack of players

  • Abdulaziz Alanezi

    I think the Premier Leage is suitable for Schelotto

  • mo. 1908

    Of course He is. . . He must be a warrior. . .because He is no football player so he must be someting else.

  • oneal

    Schelotto is a true warrior. Thank you