Sky: Medel over Behrami, here is why…

July 31, 2014 22:58
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According to “Sky” journalist Luca Marchetti, there are a few reasons why Inter chose to pursue Gary Medel over Valon Behrami. First, Napoli was very rigid on the price and Inter knew they could not spend too much money. The 10M requested by De Laurentiis could not be spent; therefore, Inter abandoned the deal. In addition to the Chilean costing less than the Swiss player, he is two years younger. Moreover, Medel can play equally well while attacking and defending, which allows Mazzarri to make changes on the field without wasting a substitution.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • slim_blues_boy

    LOL, lower to midtable english fans are totally hilarious.
    they’re so ‘frightened’ when their players linked to other club.
    they will swarm on the news in other teams news portal just to said hilarious things and make up with their denial.
    I saw that with tottenham fans, and now I saw few cardiff fans.

  • Namlah

    I would love to see this beast at inter!
    He could also have a positive influence on yann m’vila should inter chose to buy him at the end of the season.

  • r evans

    alseca, loan deal? really, are all of you over there that dull, he will not go on loan Cardiff don’t want to sell but if Inter meet the valuation then you will get him, we have an owner that could buy Inter if he wanted to, so you really think Inter and the Italian press are going to get Cardiff to sell on the cheap, just because they keep on reporting it to a newspaper? lol. this is real life not fantasy island!

  • Gerry rose

    I can’t understand why medal want to play for inter Milan they sound like a club with no money there a joke there are three other clubs with the money waiting for his own good he would be better off with one of them

    • Ehsan

      You cant understand a thing so go to school baby

    • Amir

      Tell me your age then i explain

    • Eroll

      Inter is a very big & traditional club, especially in south america. Easy as that & Inter play that card well and didnt rush on things.

    • calviniste

      Why would M’vila cut half of his salary at Inter, why would Rolando refuse big offer and wait till the very end for Inter is the same reason what happens to Medel. Money isn’t everything in life kid.

  • pick

    andy he will come sooner or later he will not play in 2 shit division

  • andy

    well you will probably get this news tomorrow..Cardiff city chairman today at 5pm told our local press. That he had a meeting with medals agent,And said no way is he going to inter until they meet our valuation, And stated that inter have come no where near the valuation,and should put up or shut up…
    so i guess its better you get the other guy for 10 mill coz medal is more expensive and out of your price range in your current financial status.
    medal really wants to play for you as well,

    • Ricardo

      Andy! U do understand that he might be a bench player at Inter?

    • alseca

      you’re retarded. Its a loan deal anyway. And watch us snatch him from you on the cheap.

      Furthermore, why are you hanging on a black and blue comment column?

      • Dave

        Mate I think you are retarded.

        1. Cardiff DO NOT NEED TO SELL – we have plenty of money unlike you.

        2. If you can’t afford a player for £10m because Napoli are rigid on their price – why do you think you can persue GM when Cardiff are also rigid on their price? Perhaps you ought to ask your management that?

        3.why would we loan you a player?

        4. The reason we are hear is because we’re interested in the press about GM, if you do google search this is the page that comes up. It’s actually quite interesting to see how other clubs are blinded by their managers and how they believe everything they say even when the facts point to the opposite…

        • Mike

          How exactly are we Inter fans blinded by our manager? Inter’s current coach Walter Mazzari hasn’t even spoken anything regarding Medel, infact he’s the type of coach who refuses to comment about transfer rumours. Secondly, it’s not that Inter is short on cash, but we’re saving our money to buy a top class forward, which are offcourse expensive. You know, FFP and stuff. So it’s money management more than anything else.

          • Dave

            Mike – I assumed that all the info in the italian press was coming from Inter – if thats not the case then I apologise.

            I understand you’re point about cash and FFP, so ok you’re not poor – but if you want to go shopping you cant spend more than you can afford.

            Unless there is a sale – which there isn’t 😉

  • Geraud

    Medel can also play as a center back in a line of 3 if needed like in the World Cup with Chile.
    Personally I think that Behrami is not a great Defensive Midfielder. To be honest, After the Swiss vs Argentina at World cup I think that Rodrigo Palacio would do a better work as an improvised defensive midfielder than him.

    • Serstoj

      HAHAHAHA do you even watch football?

      • Geraud

        Laugh all you want, Palacio’s defensive skills are so good that he left Lichtsteiner psychologically scared for life. Can you say the same for Behrami???

      • C’e Solo Inter

        “The winning play arrived after Rodrigo was able to put pressure on the midfield, and then we we’re able to score.” Sebella after Arg vs Swiss game.

        Point is, Geraud is totally right. Palacio is tough in winning the ball back and would do a better job than Behrami. Don’t also forget that he Palacio once put on his gloves and played for us as a goalie and did a hell of a job making two awesome saves. Geraud is also right on the fact that Medel can play in a three-man defense. So I ask you the same question you asked Serstoj. Do you even watch football !!?

  • pick

    so finaly whan will he come we are waiting 2 months