Zavaglia: “With the arrival of Osvaldo, Inter are complete in attack”

July 31, 2014 18:17
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The arrival of Pablo Daniel Osvaldo completes Inter’s attacking department, and makes further signings unnecessary. This is the opinion of the agent Franco Zavaglia, who was interviewed by SoccerHouseTv: “With the signing of Osvaldo, Inter have resolved all their problems in attack. They already have Mauro Icardi and Rodrigo Palacio, and together with these two the Italo-Argentinian striker will complete and improve the attack. Because of this, I think that Javier Hernandez won’t arrive at Inter”.


Max Williams
By Max Williams
  • Inter Kosova

    I believe in Guarin and everyone of us records that beautiful starting season of Ricky Alvarez last season.
    You remember Guarin playing as a second-striker too.(scored many goals and was a super player in Europa League matches everytime.)

  • yee boii

    Still fcking pissed that they signed that piece of S**t. All he is going to do is piss off all the Interisti and make WM’s life hell.

  • Adil

    We need one more striker

  • Zselic

    complete my *ss, we should all remember how things went when we only had 3 strikers…

  • postal

    With the arrival of Cerci, Inter will be complete in attack..


    good addition but need 1 more attacker end of story.

  • Amir

    firmino … he can play mid and cf or ss … best option for us

  • at this moment, anyone is practically welcome. so, i pray good luck to osvaldo. i hope his terrible manner can be played down for inter’s sake.

    once again, good luck osvaldo!

    (to my Indonesian mates: please visit for news like this but in our language :))

  • masoudzarifi

    inter need 1 more attacker .we must have 4 forward.we need a second stricker like a winger and maybe:JOJO(arrival to inter is 30%)lamela(60%) cerci(60%)…..lavezzi(40%)

    • mostly agree i think the big chances will be lavezzi or cerci

  • g

    Midfield depth / creativity is where we need it. Strikers need the ball and defenders need a break. Hopefully Mateo will develop and needed

  • InterTwined

    We would be ready to fight for the CL spot but we need a bit more depth to make a scudetto run i feel.

  • Iqbalharmas

    If pato or cerci (+medel) comes we will ready to fight for scudetto

  • gg

    All in for Pato… then we have 4 class strikers Pato can also play right wing and Palacio left.. if we go for 4-3-3

    • AdamLallana

      who is pato? HE IS MILANISTI idiot. Think again before comment

      • gg

        So what if he is a former milanisti? Osvaldo is former juventino?? So u dont want him?? Bonucci and Pirlo was interisti and plays for juventus.. they are doing great and balo also at milan… so be quit when u do not have any football knollige.. Just imagen he can be fit at Inter how great he can become.. i will love to see him in a inter jersey scoring againgst bilan..

      • Iqbalharmas

        Schelotto is interisti,so do you want to keep him ? Lol

    • djarlie

      Pato says he wants to stay at sao paolo

      • HP

        Pato is playing politics. I doubt Inter is going to pay the money they are asking for him. So, it is a no no for now

  • InterTwined

    If its one thing we have learned from the last 2 seasons, its that we need a solid 4th striker.

    • j9guy

      What we need is a mid fielder to service our strikers!!!

  • Light

    Yeah, but will be perfect if cerci come,