Bonaventura might join Inter after Atalanta-Hellas

August 31, 2014 17:46
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The future of Giacomo Bonaventura could be in the same colors as earlier, but in another town and for another team. He might leave Bergamo and Atalanta for Inter. According to Bonaventura could play his last game for Atalanta tonight against HEllas Verona because Inter wants to make Bonaventura theirs more and more. The deal could be done after tonights game.


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Steve

    His signing would make the loss of Alvarez easier to swallow. I was furious that Alvarez, our one player with true flair, dribbling ability, vision and a wide range of passing was replaced with Medel, a mediocre player with none of those qualities.

  • Franco

    Giacomo is a great player. Remember, he scored 2 goals against Inter last season! We desperately need him because we cannot continue with only Kovacic behind Icardi. We need 2 strikers up front and a trequartista behind them! Bonaventura should be brought and played behind Icardi+Osvaldo. I think WM should play Kovacic in natural midfield position to have more ball possession.

  • Dimitris Inter

    hope we will buy him, he is better than Alvarez and Guarin

  • NY

    oh yeah!

  • Amir

    He is good but not so special !!! why everybody too happy for him ? 😀 I like him for two reason : 1-He is an italian player and this guy so smart 😉

  • TQ

    This guy himiliated us last season, sign him!!!

    • TQ


  • postal

    When is the transfer market deadline btw? Tonight or tomorrow?

    • Amir

      In some country tonight but in Italia tomorrow

    • Sindre

      Tomorrow, because it’s sunday and not a work day. Banks etc are closed, so the window shuts a day later 🙂

  • Eroll

    Bonavetura isn’t on the squad vs Verona now. Is he injured or something ?

    • postal

      It usually means he’s getting sold. 🙂

    • Eric

      he is playing against Hellas now

  • KG

    The number 11 is waiting for him bcuz, Kovacic has the 10 already

  • KG

    Come on…get this over with.. Bonaventura!!!!!

  • pick

    come Giacomooo

  • interista2199

    if we sign him, we will have several italians bonaventura, rannochia, andreolli, osvaldo, d’ambrossio,berni and we can say potentially johanthan as he can still be called up for italy. Now no one can say we dont have enough italians in our team, thohir is smart to target italians to improve the status of the league world wide with actual italian players and international players. Its just sad we did not get cerci instead.

  • MG Inter

    Bonaventura is a good player
    and at least he is younger then 27
    can play in the R/C/l mid
    and as a playmaker behind strikers
    or even a second striker
    he will be good for Wm.’s stupid 3-5-2

  • Eroll

    Sign Him ~

  • postal

    I’m fine with this transfer. Take Bonaventura, get rid of Guarin, try for Lavezzi. If it happens, it happens. If not, we got a pretty solid team already. We can wait till winter. We should only go for a big name in attack. Borini is pointless.