Maksimovic: “Inter looked good during preseason, Vidic will make a difference”

August 31, 2014 19:13
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For Nikola Maksimovic this evening’s match between Torino and Inter primarily means measuring himself with Nemanja Vidic, a fellow national and defender for Serbia. In an interview with, the Torino defender had some nice words for his compatriot, and commented on the real strength of the new Inter: “I watched Inter in the summer friendlies and I think they performed very well. These preseason tests, however, are a separate thing, although I think that this year’s Inter have everything it needed. Last year’s team was not able to compete with the big of our football including Juventus, Milan and Napoli, Roma, but now everything has changed: there’s Nemanja who is playing well.”

Then a due consideration on the opening match against Inter in the league: “I can’t wait to begin the championship. From June 31st we have been preparing, thus it has been practically two months.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson