Mazzarri: “The red card on Vidic was absurd”

August 31, 2014 23:48
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Walter Mazzarri was interviewed by Sky Italia immediately after his Inter played Torino in a goal-less draw at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin.

“It was a balanced game, we knew that it’s not easy to come here and create a lot of goalscoring chances. It’s hard to find any spaces and we didn’t take advantage of the chances we had. We tried to win until the very end but were n’t able to do so. That’s how it went. I always expect the best from my players but there are many aspects to consider here. We have the new Medel who did very well. All in all we played well, it’s difficult for anyone to play here.”

Mazzarri was then asked to comment on the decisions of the referee and what he thought about them: “If you give the first penalty then you have to give the one on Icardi, which was much more evident and clear than the one awarded to Quagliarella. It makes me angry on the pitch, then you leave and state things as they are and you move on. There was no penalty on Quagliarella, whilst the one on Icardi is one and is much more clearer than the first one.”

The Inter tactician was asked to explain why he started the match with a lone striker up front to which he simply replied: “Because I don’t have otehr strikers who are ready to play 90 minutes. Osvaldo isn’t feeling very well and I asked him for half an hour. I could have started with Bonazzoli but I think he is too young. I wanted Hernanes and Kovacic higher upp the pitch, just like the full-backs. We could have played poorly even like this and it would have been very difficult even with 2 strikers. However, I’m saying that if Osvaldo would have felt better I would have started with two strikers. Last year in this stadium all the big teams sweated. We can’t forget that we didn’t have Palacio and that Osvaldo is at around 40-50% fitness, so we only had Icardi left who is doing good. Palacio would have done us a lot of good today.”

Finally Mazzarri was asked to give his thoughts on the red card shown to Vidic: “The referee made a mistake. Like they do in England, Vidic applauded for a foul that the referee had given and Doveri misunderstood it completely. It’s absolutely absurd. Transfermarket? The club has done well, we hope to do better than we did last year.”

Moments later Mazzarri spoke to MediasetPremium where he reiterated his thoughts on Vidic’s red card and the penalty given to Torino as well as not given to Inter. “Neither one was a penalty but the moment when you give the first one you have to also give the second one on Icardi which was a much more clearer penalty. Vidic was fouled and applauded the referee, there waqs no irony intended, it’s an absurd red card. Even matches are destroyed by events like this and it could have also happened here today.”

“If we missed Lavezzi today? Also Palacio, we can’t forget about him” Mazzarri concluded.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • i really think we should play more outbalanced.
    The three at the back on 35 metres medel and mvilla on 50 meteres and kova, icardi hernanes jona and dodo more pushing !

  • kido

    I think we need rolando as he knows how to push the game and very good with the ball,the problem with vidic and ranoccia is they r good defending but don’t know what to do with the ball, they pass side to side then kick it forward Icardi is not bobo torino we needed someone like alvarez that can take on players to open up space bcouse torino where too compact speed and agility is needed in this team.the team is scared of taking risk I’d rather risked then safety.

    • calviniste

      It’s not that the team are scared, it’s the coach. Mazzarri is the one who scared overly.

  • kris88

    go away mazzari

  • inter

    mazzari only focuses on the wings, and all the teams know that so they play in way to close those gaps but he is too naive to figure that out, and why the f**k is jonathan still an inter player he is a total failure and worthless player

  • Alseca

    Sad that a red card was involved… otherwise focus would be put on the fact that our players had no strategy to win…

    • calviniste

      Damn right, players are just chess pieces while the coach is the real chess player.

  • ferb86

    Mr. President, please consider sacking this whining coach. We cannot move forward with him.

  • Rob

    Just Sacked himm….

  • ntonto

    even strama winnning with udin…

    mazzari to scared to attack..


  • m

    until Moggi dies referees will never be fair with Inter, I hope he dies soon because I’m like him believe that Juve can’t beat Inter in a fair game

  • Surya

    even the best team in the world Hala Madrid can lose againt Sociedad. So just relax and wait Lavezzi and Bonaventura come Inter hahaha

    • #4

      and if we get them both and we still get the same result, we will say Bonaventura not Inter material, Lavezzi too old, blablabla. change the tactics!! change the mentality!! we dont have a real wing back so wtf we keep using the same tactics that depends on wing back

  • Steve

    Day 1 and Mazzarri has already resorted to blaming the referee in his usual unaccountable manner. Disgusting.

    In most cases, the better side wins, a few decisions may go either way, and that is expected, but quality usually prevails in spite of the natural inconsistencies that arise in any sport officiated by fallible human beings.

    Unless there is an anti-Inter conspiracy (which there is not, although it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the blind fans here would think otherwise), then there is no reason to implicate the officiating.

    • Eroll

      What the fuuuu, Juan Jesus hit on the referee & almost every single person here is hitting on that shitty referee. But if Mazzari do that, then he’s shit unprofessional disgusting manner ?

      • calviniste

        LoL, he is the coach dude, at least he can take some responsibility about the result a bit, but no he never blame himself even just once, that’s the matter! Without him saying that the ref are suck, we all know that and we understand about it. Okay, now he’s saying that the ref suck, where’s the sorry part that he can’t make the team win? He never make a mistake? Who is he? A GOD?
        No, he always blame anyone but himself.
        All i want to hear is him saying SORRY just for once, but no, i never heard him say so. That Godly manners are just so WOW! LoL

        • Eroll

          Im replying to Steve which complain only on what Mazzari said about the referee. not about sorry on the result or anything else. Im not sure about his manner as im thousand miles away. All i know is he doens’t have problem with the club, His player and ex doesn’t talk shit about him except Cassano which is a troublemaker & Curva seems ok with him.

          • calviniste

            Read carefully his comments above, there’s a word “manners” there and i’m just straightened the problems. LoL you don’t need to be aside him to tell that he’s so cocky and full of pride about himself. Mou, Fergie, and some coaches are also cocky a bit or more, but they know how to apologize about when their team has bad result. This is what we’re asking from him. Go blame anyone, please.. but blame yourself too cause you’re the coach, the brain and head of the team. LoL, and who says that ultras are only Curva? That if there’s no problem with him and curva, then no problem with other fans? There’s many fans around the world are more hardcore fans than the ultras. And until you tell me when will WM say sorry and take responsibility about his team instead of blaming others, then your answer will always be like round and around the corner.

  • NagatomoBoy

    You are much more absurd….

  • yudie

    WM Comments on Bonazolli is SHit.. The player is valued by his quality not his age. he is too young??? his not a baby anymore who learn to pre season he is doing great.. WM should give him play time against mediocre team..

    • Adit

      Age DOES have the effect on young lads performance. Their mental strength haven’t ready yet.

  • Peter

    Some of you guys are so dramatic. Its the first game of the season. Torino are a strong side in Serie A, playing in Europa and tough to beat at home. We had a ref today who likely many of the refs in our league despise Inter and try to ensure that we lose. We are playing without Palacio who played virtually every game last season and is hugely important player. We also had Osvaldo who looks great but doesnt have a full game in him yet. And we are probably also missing a player that may or may no be Lavezzi. That leaves just Icardi up top. He was much more deserving of a penalty that those fucks got earlier in the game. Either way, the pieces will fall into place by the time they get back from the international break and our squad is settled

    • calviniste

      Strong side? Cerci and Immobile is leaving already, that’s about like they’re losing half of their power isn’t it? So what’s strong? They’re not juve or roma or barca LoL

  • calviniste

    Yes sir, the ref are absurd indeed! But the same thing goes to you, yup you too are absurd coach sir!

  • Zoki

    It’s early in the season, yes, one game doesn’t mean anything, true and things can ofcourse change. But I simply don’t see how we can proceed as a club with this manager and this formation. I don’t see a change in playing style from last season, it was like I was watching last year’s game vs Torino. Last year the only reason we even qualified for EL was because Milan slipped up. If they don’t this year and we keep at such style, I don’t think we can even qualify for EL. Like I said, its only one game, things can change, but I don’t have much hope in Mazzari anymore. He is too stuborn with his formation that relies on very good wingers, which we don’t have.

    • Zoki

      In my opinion we will finish about 5/6th place, with few defeats, but many draws like last year. We will concead a small amount of goals but also struggle to score.

      We have a quality team. Osvaldi, Palacio and Icardi are all very valuable strikers and have quality. We now have a brilliant midfield of Medel, M’Vila, Hernanes, Kovačič,..And compared to other Serie A clubs, our defense is really good too, in front of the best GK in Serie A. The problem is, we are not using our strengths, but rather Mazzari’s formations and ideas, even if they dont corespond with where our strengths lie. We relly on wingers, but they lack quality(or experience in case of Dodo). We relly on crosses from wingers, but we have no target man. Icardi is not that high and can’t jump as someone like Mandzukic. Looking by quality, we could easily qualify for CL, but one thing is quality and another is using ur strengths propperly.

      This is my opinion, I’m out!

  • Sam

    Please leave this beautiful club

  • Alex

    Bonazzolli can’t play because he is too young. Look at the likes of Rahim Sterling and shut the hell up.
    Have you given him any chances?
    Enough with excuses.

    • Huacanacha

      That’s a ridiculous comparison. Mazzarri gave Bonazzoli his senior debut at an earlier age than Sterling debuted for Liverpool. At the same age as Bonazzoli is now Sterling was just starting to get an occasional sub appearance. It would be crazy to expect Bonazzoli to lead the line in the Serie A opening game as a 17 year old.

      I don’t think Mazzarri is particularly great with young players but don’t ignore the facts: Bonazzoli has as many or more chances in the senior team than almost any other player of his age. Whether that translates into him seeing some meaningful game time this season is another story.

  • Amir

    Some old story . bla bla bla …

  • MG Inter

    aaaand anthr sezon by draw

  • Forza Inter

    Yeah right, it’s never your fault. I can’t believe how Mazzarri for more than a year in Inter doesn’t understand, that we are not like he’s previous small clubs and draw for us is not a good result but equals to defeat. You can’t play with three central defenders, two defensive midfielders and two stupid wing backs and only Icardi up front and expected some miracle to happened to score a goal.

  • Truth

    You and Inter is a tragic story.