Vote: Who is your Man of the Match against Torino?

August 31, 2014 22:25
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Inter travelled to Turin on Sunday night to face Ventura’s Torino. Who was your star man for the Nerazzurri on the night? Cast your vote below and we’ll announce, debate and discuss the results on this week’s edition of StudioInter: The only 100% Inter podcast in English available online.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • m

    referees should hand the scudetto to juve already

  • rio

    MOTM should be the ref, how is that foul on Icardi not a penalty, so bias considering how Torino got that penalty

  • Grey

    There’s something wrong in the team. Mazzarri blamed the availability of players last season for the results like this. But,when the new players came this season,the tactics,style of play,approach even mentality on the pitch are just same all the way. Dont know what is inside mazzarri’s brain…

  • MAS

    Guys WM is not the only one to blame, i mean Icardi can’t even control the Fucking ball in a right way (“Maybe if kept training more and spent less time on Facebook and Twitter he will be better”), and Hernanes kept running all the match but with no creativity, also Dodo this man is running and his eyes are looking down, i mean what would Mazzari do teach the players how to do the basics of football, from my personal point of view, the teams didnt do above 50% of their effort and WM tactics are shitty, there was no high pressing, also i believe G. Ventura has prepared for the match better than WM did.

  • before we critized WM ,all we can do as fans is support team. i think get 1 point in turin is good lads, torino is tough opponent event without cerci n immobile all their df n mf all still like last season which make all team cry enough in their home ….but the game is suck bcoz torino always give 6 players in their box …..shiitttt…..5 in their 16 m areas

    • calviniste

      The fact that you’re saying torino was much weaker now without cerci and immobile, are actually saddened the story and saying that it’s unforgivable Inter can’t win against this weakened torino. They defend too much? It’s normal since they’re the weaker team. But you know what, we did the SAME thing like them, so what can we expect? LoL

    • Stollz

      Actually, if you manage to watch the game again you will notice that they didn’t have more defenders in the box than us at most times. And none of that explains why we were so lethargic and looked so tired like it’s the end of the season and not the beginning.

  • Forza Inter

    Same old story! Mazzarri have to be ashamed of himself. We played like relegated team, so slow and predictable. Referee was terrible and the red card for Vidic was unbelievable. Whatever I don’t understand what Mazzarri thinks, but our play was disgrace. We are not some mediocre team, who plays first to not concede goal and draw away from home is a bid deal.

  • Inter-ARG

    Remember, Mancini’s, Morinho’s and Benitez’s Inter started seasons with draw and at the end we were champions or vice-champions. So, maybe… 😉

  • rated Kovacic as flop of the match… Omg, that’s just, just, wow

    • Aran

      As I remember they always wanted to support jube or Bilan.

    • I stopped reading that shit a year ago, and here I am in sempre

    • Maxinh0

      well is full of retards. so dont listen to this shitty site 🙂

    • calviniste

      Actually Kovacic really is flop tonight, he’s is too isolated and not effective like he don’t know what to do.

    • Stollz

      Well just because we love Kovacic and know that he is a big talent, that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t the flop last night… I agree that he was the weakest link last night because he is the one that needs to tune the tempo of the game and create chances for the attackers or feed the wingers and that he did not do.

      That doesn’t mean that Mazzarri is not an idiot for fielding Jonathan and starting with a lone striker, but still – Kovacic had an absolutely terrible game last night.

  • Alex

    Guys: I am the first critique of Mazzari from the beginning. But let’s take the 3 man defense at this point. even Guardiola’s Bayern plays with 3 defenders sometimes.
    And Mazzari started this match with 3-4-2-1 which is different from 3-5-1-1 and after Osvaldo came in we switched to 3-4-1-2
    Medel still needs to familiar himself with other players. It’s too late to change coach at this point. I think if Mazzari starts Naga instead of Jonny we will play better.

  • Eroll

    We actually playing with different formation, 3-4-2-1 which is new & that’s a very attacking formation. I don’t know what inside Mazzari mind, but i think putting 2 AM behind the striker mean he doesn’t want to rely on the wing very much. However the problem is the AM, Kovacic & Hernanes isn’t linked up very well & Icardi didn’t help them at all, so their only option is to spread the wall to the wing over and over. My flop of the match is Icardi. With Vidic absence i hope Mazzari would grow some balls and try again that attacking pattern but put less stress on the wing on the form of 4-3-2-1 / 4-2-2-1-1

    • #4

      idk if Mazzari know this, but we don’t have a real wing back, so imho, STOP try using wing back tactics. like I always say, formation doesn’t matter if the coach know how to use the right strategy. highest paid coach in the league but too stubborn don’t have balls to change strategy

    • calviniste

      Very attacking? LoL, it is not. New? No, it’s not new either. Why would you play with double pivot when you against a team like ‘just’ torino? What, like you scared that they can penetrate through the middle? If the middle is became strong with that double pivot, don’t you know that your two wingers can’t defend very well? Oh forgot it, so much technical flawed things within that formation, but everyone are actually can see that his scheme are sucks. Change Dodo while it’s Jonathan who’s actually worn out are proving his lameness too. He’s a scared cat who’s trying to play safe, not to win. He knew torino isn’t starjnan but if only he kept his way against starjnan rather than strengthen the defense it’s absolutely 3 points. So here we go, bye precious 2pts.

      • Eroll

        Then tell me when Mazzari’s Inter play with 2 AM ? Maybe once or twice, honestly i don’t remember any. Its new formation with some interesting idea. How bad our wingback defends actually explain why Mazzari put 2 pivot. But Its an ultra defensive Torino, everybody would have a hard time facing a ultra defensive team with like 6 players on the penalty box, and there’s a big risk of getting a counter. We didn’t get many chances but also didn’t take the chances when they are present.

        • calviniste

          Two pivotal players to cover weak defensive side of wingers? lol thats so wrong. 5 midfields are covering the area wider which means cover your wingers better, while the using of double pivot players means you’re strengthening your defense and and try to cover if your enemy gonna play so offensive. They’re not barca or bayern who attack like crazy, not to mention that Cerci and Immobile which equal to half of torino soul was gone already, why would he affraid? Take a look at atletico, they’re ultra defensive team, but they do it against big teams. Do they play defensive against elche etc? no they didn’t since they know it’s hard to score against a defensive team if you play defense too. two AM became useless when the midfield didn’t work properly and only rely on wings. LoL hopefully the condition got better

          • Eroll

            Problem is all we got on the midfield is another pivot. Kuz, Krhin & Obi ? Osvaldo isn’t fit. and please help remember, when does Mazzari start with 2 AM in front ?

  • Aran

    Man of the match: Mazzari & The reff Together absolutely, Both of them are just a F***ing asshole with no doubt…Sack The Mr. 3-5-1-1 and bring back STRAMA The BRAVEHEART Who Fucked JUBE in turin (REFF ARENA) With 3 defences and 3 Strikers!!!

  • sempreinter

    Its amazing how inconsistent we are..we must improve our mentality..thats what mazzari should work on…

  • Alseca

    First game of the season lads. There is still hope! Maybe this draw tells him there is tinkering to be done. With tohir there wont be any premature expulsions of coaches anyway. This is no longer the moratti era!

    • oneal

      lmfao the guy spent a full season playing with this formation, you think he understood by now? maybe not, try again in 2017-2018

  • #4

    we play with 4 new players but with the same stupid, ignorant, pathetic approach. Mazzari will trying to blame it all too ref or Kovacic or Icardi. pffft. attacking based on our grande Johny? nicely done

  • oneal

    BRB ima go destroy Thohir’s and Inter’s Instagram account with hateful comments about Mazzarri. It worked with Kovacic. #SaveKovacic. Lets all do it, use #MazzarriOut or #MazzarriVattene

    • 1908

      Am with u WM needs to go

  • lolwhat

    MotM? Handanovic – saving mazzarri’s ass since 2012

    • lolwhat


  • lolwhat

    yes the ref sucks but our tactics sucks even more

  • Inter-ARG

    Hehehe some fans voted Vidic. 😀
    For me Handanovic.

  • interistas

    we deserved this shit game

  • Grey

    Fuck you,mazzarri!!! Go to hell with you fucking tactics!!!

  • Hush

    The match was horrible with no merits at all, but at least the ref gave us something to talk about, he should have a juve badge on his shirt, it was like the ref was a juve palyer, fucking unbelievable.

  • j9guy

    WM is an absolute disgrace even more than the officials. He MUST GO!!!!! I cannot watch another season of draws…..kill me now

  • oneal

    I’ve been an Inter fan for more than 9 years but last season really pissed me off. Mazzarri have no creativity whatsoever. Formation is predictable and he plays every game like a 2nd leg only defense. I dont see a lot of support from him, the guy does not motivate them enough. We went from knocking the biggest teams in Europe to try and get a point out of Torino, Bologna and all of these small teams. So dont say it is not the formation because you can clearly see whats wrong with it, and on top of that we get referees who hates Inter’s guts, Vidic red card for clapping? lol

  • bryceace

    Thx to real sociedad, i just forgot the referee

  • kuda

    And it’s also frustating that only inter who failed to win among big teams. What a shame. Really.

  • Stollz

    I’m just waiting for the post match conference in which Mazzarri will blame the alignment of the stars for this loss.

  • van ranch

    Referee was not professional for this game. He destroy a beutifull game.

    • kofko

      Where did you see this beautiful game. Were you watching real madrid?

  • kido

    Get mancini plz!!!!! I can’t watch this anymore.

  • Robel

    Guys let’s leave the referring since it doesn’t help to uncover the real problem in WM. I really hope that the management takes a serious look on the performance tonight which totally is disgraceful and not up to our standard.

  • kuda

    I am also losing my hope to icardi. His control is just terrible. He couldnt link up the play. Idk, everyone is playing so bad. It’s like they lose desire to win and lack of determination which we showed in preseason match.

  • realinter

    Suggestion 4 u WM, in your next game play 3-4-1-2 (rano/vidic(andreo)/jj – nag/mvila/medel/jony – kova – osvaldo/icardi).

    If we get a winger or striker, then it would be diff.

  • DonTuliosS Interistaaa

    of course we get red cards,of course every referee decision is against us,of course we don’t get penalties,we are Inter.
    tavechio in as the new figc president the result nothing new.
    i swear i’d bet every thing that i owe in my life that the referees in italy are STILL corrupt.
    fuck this shit fuck em all.
    and yeah jonathan,.. well i really don’t want to waste my time mentioning that pezzo di merda

  • Inter play to slow and Inter will never play fast if Jhonny stays in the starting line… When he get the ball can i go and eat on Burger King and when i get back MAYBE he has pased the ball…

    • Butthead

      Haha 🙂

    • Interista

      hahahaha…not one but two burgers…;)

  • Naves

    Mazzari got players for his formation and he promised to deploy 4 at the back. But it seems like previous season is repeating all over again.

  • NagatomoBoy

    sack mazzarri
    Inter can live without him…..

  • Interista

    Shame on the referee…He was totally crap!

  • kuda

    Hope of Champions league is fading.. brace yourself consecutive draw and boring inter is coming for the whole season. I dont even see any diffrrence with last season. We played with no creativity and too rigid like mazzarri pressed all the ability of the players. The problem is not the players, but the coach I assure. What a let down

  • Interista1

    I know it’s the first game of the season but if play like we did today we probably won’t make EL place….and once again we can see that the decisions will go against Inter as the referee was horrible this evening. WM stands once again without ideas when the game needs a shift of tactics. He simply can’t shift a game around if it doesn’t go his way from the beginning and that’s why he get paid to do…hope Thohir got the balls to tell him off if it keeps going like tonight….and what the hell do we have to throw in from the bench? We they showed that Kuzmanovic was warming up I just wanted to get a rope and strangle myself…..ohhhh my goooooodd!

    • Stollz

      As much as a hate to say it, you are 100% right… such a disappointment

  • azishernanes

    ok it’s suck and we’re all upset but calm down guys

    • kofko

      You calm down. That was an absolute rubbish. At some point the whole team was walking like their are doing walks in the park.

  • chandra

    Walter Mazzari 3-5-2 and 3-5-1-1 its really bad..he must be little smart after last season that every player on the pitch looked confused about their position to attack and to defend..winger with low quality and supported by the central defender cant do anything, and in attacking side, 1 striker like icardi will not effective, he cant hold the ball and have a terrible movement..

    • kofko

      100% true

  • NerazzurriKing

    If we keep playing like this and use this shitty formation we’ll definitely end with 20 draws again at the end of this competition. Mazzari and his stubbornness. I’m tired of this bullshit.

  • Fumario

    Unbelieveable!! Man of the match is King Jonathan.. WTF!!! Why u dont change Jonathan earlier Mazzari?? Anybody can explain that??

  • Interistaa

    it’s just.. how much time will i have to wait for inter to play A GOOD MATCH with NICE FOOTBALL! i just hate it when the team shows no creativity, no desire to win.. they didn’t even try to win it.. and mazzarri is just a fucking prick.. this guy is a fucking idiot, seriusly..

  • Amir

    Samir is the best , and in the end just two words can say about man of the match : Fucking refree -_- penalty on medel ( i am sure ) can change everything.

  • Pazza INTER

    Sack Mazzarri , not even a basic football played, all postioned waiting , wing wing!! i am tired of clueless coach, hernanes out of position , kovacic alone, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy???!!!!

  • kris88

    It could’t be watched. Massacre and embarrassment. In addition this change Dodo instead Jonathan. Just can tell Mazzari go away.

    • Stollz

      Yeah, that substitution was a move by a CLUELESS coach

  • Adil

    The reff

  • fildzaaan

    really , this match is very bored and not worth to watch. our winger never take a cross to striker. poor. And i think referee is man of the match , salam dari indonesia @fildzaaan

  • nick

    Worst *REFEREE* in the History of Football

  • what a shitty refs.. that refs should be banned for all inter matches!! and quagliarella has showed us that jube is the best club to learn about cheating!! shitty performance btw

  • calviniste

    Definitely the ref are man of the match, and that welcome party for Vidic from him are just wow LoL

  • oneal

    Mazzarri the master of draws, the guy played with the formation for the last 10 years, you expect him to change it now?… Fucking referee is just another one from Turin, fkn scandal. Icardi gets pulled, foul on him. Save the money for a new coach and sack Mazzarri. Udinese just won 2-0 and they played much much better with Strama. Anyways Forza Inter
    I’m like typing this madly. FUCK YOU MAZZARRI

    • Eroll

      Its new formation, duh =–=”

      • oneal

        Formation is not new, get the ball and pass it to the wingers then cross it to one striker in between 6 defenders while the rest of the team defend in case they counter attack, capish?

        • Eroll

          Ur complain about formation mate, its on ur first sentence.

    • Stollz

      Yeah, and he actually DID play with another formation in pre-season…. but the moment the real thing started – it’s back to stubborn old tactics that produce BORING and INEFFECTIVE football. I had high hopes for this season… after this game, not anymore

    • calviniste

      Indeed, lame ref is another thing, but the coach himself doesn’t look like he wants to win. Double pivot against torino? So meh! Highest paid coach in league? LoL

  • TQ

    the reff is a fucking idiot

    mazzarri still in love with jonathan. fuck this match, very bad played and boring to watch.

  • Ricardo

    Duh!!! Handa

  • postal

    The fucking ref was man of the match. Great decisions, 90 minutes straight, wonderful job.

  • Dimitris Inter


  • inter4life


  • Eroll


  • mat

    Mazzari with his f… WM


    Handanovic for not letting us lose this miserable game