Bellinazzo: “Inter and Milan want to modernize San Siro”

September 30, 2014 23:11
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san siro

The expert on Italian football and finances Marco Bellinazzo talked to Top Calcio 24 about Inter and Milan’s thoughts for San Siro:

“Looking at a short time forward, Milan and Inter want to modernize San Siro, most of all before the Champions League final 2016 with the target to improve the economical profit by building stores outside the stadium and decreasing the capacity of the stadium. Looking longer forward, both Inter and Milan want to get their own stadium, but the times are very much longer than for example Roma, Udinese and Fiorentina. Milan and Inter pay 4 million euro’s every year to play at San Siro. Building their own stadium also means not having to pay these costs, but most of all the business depends on what you build around the stadium. You can’t just depend on owning the stadium to make more profit, you need to do it the right way.”


Editorial Staff
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