Boateng could go to Inter

September 30, 2014 18:38
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According to, Inter could be interested in Schalke’s Kevin Prince Boateng.   Marco Fassone was a guest on Tiki Taka last night and when he was asked about Boateng going to Inter he replied, “Never say never.”  Boateng’s girlfriend Melissa Satta currently works in Milan, which could be a factor in bringing the player back to Italy.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • DARi0 @ Arad

    No thanks! We need fresh blood that wants to grow.

  • Interfan1000000

    Talented player

  • Ehsan


  • HP

    I know this is just a stupid rumor. But, I hope it doesn’t become something else. This guy is talented. But, he is lazy and lately more famous for partying than for his displays in the field. And we definitely don’t need a hot headed like this idiot in the dressing room. Imagine Osvaldo and Boateng together. You are asking for trouble.

  • Emmanuel konadu

    He is a good player

  • Merdajube

    Swap with guarin


    whatever !@#$%^

  • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

    Brace yourselves, the period of unfounded transfer rumors has begun again… Now we will be interested in the whole world until January.

    • Dude I know, like as if we need another center midfielder lol:
      -Medel, Hernanes, Guarin, Kova, Khrin, M’vila, Kuzmanovic

      • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

        Perhaps we’ll sell Kuzmanovic and get a proper football player, imagine that 😀

        • Some Dewd

          Someone with a left AND a right foot? 🙂

  • Il Serpente

    Stupid and manufactured rumor. We have Guarin, MVila, Medel and Hernanes and we are gonna add Prince too? In spite not having right fullback or 4th striker? Ridiculous.

  • casperv

    Yes, and Messi COULD go to inter as well—- only a question of money, which we by the way DO NOT HAVE!!!