Cordoba: “Cagliari? those things can happen, Now it’s time to react”

September 30, 2014 10:28
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Cordoba Intervju

The former defender and team manager of Inter, Ivan Ramiro Cordoba commented about the situation at the Inter camp after the defeat against Cagliari to the microphones of Sky Sport. Here are his words:

“That’s a match that can happen when you don’t find the right movement and the right positions,  you don’t have to make a tragedy of it. They only have to confront this moment, Inter have players of quality and mentality so they can move on from from such defeat. They have a possibility right away to react in Europa League against Qarabag. There is no other way than react and it’s in their own hands to do so. They have to perform so they can forget the Cagliari game this instant.”


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson