Easier to comment on SempreInter: Disqus with us

September 30, 2014 12:35
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As a part of making the website better we have now started with a new commenting system called Disqus. We are pretty sure that most of you guys already know how to use Disqus and are also sure that it will help you track your discussions about our beloved Inter in an easier way. It will also be easier to feed us with your opinions about the articles. Tell us what you think and enjoy the new commenting system.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • DARi0 @ Arad

    Disqus is THE best app to manage comments, but why isn’t it working on this site? How can I log in with D?

  • Nizar Ali Bawazir

    Why no disdus in newest post..? and many redirect loop in sempreinter page lately..

  • Babilona

    Great that you all like this, we are looking forward to discussing the articles and games with you. Hopefully there will be positive stuff to discuss as well. //B

  • Disqus forever, but make it blue definitely

    • Some Dewd

      It is blue… try clearing your cache.

  • Manda Wijaya

    Nice work guys..

  • Abdul Rahman

    Finally! What we have been waiting for in this site, great job guys! Keep up the good work sempreinter as always

  • Dimitris_Inter


  • InterFin

    Finally! Now this site is definitely numero uno Interista site! Job well done and thank you!

  • @mostafaV84

    now it looks better 🙂 thank u.

  • finn


  • transferguru

    Really nice, the best Inter site with the best commenting system!

  • 还在踢


  • Siavoush Fallahi

    Good to hear you guys like Disqus, hopefully we will be able to improve more and more for you. If you have anything you’d like to see just tell us and we will try to see to that. Thank you

    • Manuel

      I would like to see blue color instead of red for the names in Disqus. You guys do a really great job with this site! Thank u sooooo much!!! I love it! Forza Inter

      • Siavoush Fallahi

        For me they are blue lol…. Thanks mate thanks for reading!

        • Manuel

          Ah, now mine too!

    • #4

      love it guys!!

    • Huacanacha

      Easy forward/back navigation between stories would be great. Disqus is a good choice… I mentioned it a number of times on here but the old comments system was really bringing the site down. I expect you’ll see more comments on stories now!

    • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

      Disqus will definitely lighten up the site. It’s a tool that makes discussions productive (mostly due to the notification system) and also allows for Inter fans to stay in touch even outside of the website, since they mostly log in via social network profiles.

      I think it’d be great if the pictures that are put on articles fit the entire width of the text frame. It would make every piece of news look more orderly, tidy.

      Great work, certainly the best English website about Inter.
      Keep up the good work, fellas, and thanks for keeping us up to speed with what’s happening with the club!

  • Nizar Ali Bawazir

    Finally.. Just like the old day in fedenerazzurra.com

    • Zoki

      True true, FedeNerazzurra was my favorite Inter site but then there were more and more problems, less updates and so I searched for another and I found this gem called SempreInter which is now my most followed Inter site(I do not speak Italian so I am a bit restricted to English sites).

      • Nizar Ali Bawazir

        Same case with me brother.. ^^

    • Huacanacha

      Yep 😉



  • Jose Comoro


  • Zoki

    Finally! Good job guys!

    • DonTuliosS Interista

      I agree man,Forza INTER!!!

  • Some Dewd

    Finally a nice commenting system on SE 🙂