Icardi: “A very important goal. The real fans sing for 90 minutes”

October 29, 2014 23:00
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Inter - Sassuolo

Inter wins thanks to another goal from Mauro Icardi. The striker scored a penalty and Inter won the game with 1-0, just like against Siena. After the game Icardi was interviewed by Sky:

“It’s an important goal for everything. For the team and to give continuity to our job. Now we need to think about Parma. A goal against Sampdoria is a normal goal, even though they were the ones who launched me. We don’t hear the critics, we leave them outside of the locker room. We need to keep winning. The whistles? Who whistles doesn’t want Inter’s best, I’ve already said that. The real supporters are those who sing for 90 minutes.”

Source: Fcinternews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Maikel Karaman

    What the F*** is wrong with you guy’s. It’s f*** embarrassing to read
    You’re comments. You guy’s call yourself inter fans. 3 point’s is 3 point’s
    There are just to many fake supporters here


      Being an Inter fan doesn’t mean to blindly support the players in every situation. Telling something like that, this scrub icardi offends most of the fans in the stadium who whistled, and rightly so due to bad performance. Instead of this comments, he should concentrate more on the training.

    • Dom



    Real players play the game for 90 + minutes to try to win, not like you standing there and waiting to get an easy goal. Scrub.

  • postal

    He showed amazing nerves and slotted the ball perfectly when he needed to. But his understanding with Palacio tonight was non existant, and as for Palacio, he played his worst game for Inter i’ve seen.

    • kuda


  • Dani Milekić

    Real strikers can score goals without waiting for a ball for 90 minutes.

    • Dom

      who waits welcome

    • Daninter

      hahahhaha you have the reason
      fucking Icardi
      the fucking icardi alone score with penalty-shoot out and alone score with little teams like cesena , st jarnan , and atalanta
      fuck all the inter players !!!!!