Kovacic: “Palacio and Icardi move greatly. Parma? I have to score!”

October 29, 2014 23:42
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Mateo Kovacic was interviewed after the victory against Sampdoria and had the following things to say:

“It was a hard game but the three points were fundamental. I’m happy with how I played but you can always do better. I don’t hear the supporters a lot, but when I don’t pass the ball I can hear them, I need to learn to pass it straight away at times, and that will make me save some energy. The difficulties were all in opening the game up with a goal, it was hard to play on a field like this. We do well until the last metres, then we have problems. Cramps? Yes I had cramps in the end but it was nothing serious. My assist? Rodrigo and Icardi make great movements, I love to play with them. Now I rest and I have to score against Parma.”

Source: Fcinternews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Pei-Lywun Hsu

    Absolutely Genius!!!

  • interd1sia

    “I need to learn to pass it straight away at times, and that will make me save some energy”
    yes definitely. more pass and less dribble please

    • If there’s one player I want dribbling without passing much on the team, it is Kova, he is a dribbling God

      • interd1sia

        if this is other league or at least europa/champions league game, i would be agree with you. but this is serie a. some great passer with great vision are much needed and historically had much more success in this league. take pirlo and sneijder for example. they don’t dribble a lot but dictate the team very well. if he keeps on dribble dribble dribble than there’s no doubt the opponent will know how to counter it and it will damage the team.
        besides he sometimes took too long with the ball instead of pass it already. that’s something he needs to improve

        • Dom

          it is true

  • Dani Milekić

    Humble guy, future leader.