Mazzarri to Sky: “The players gave their all, now it feels like my team! Thohir? I don’t understand..”

October 30, 2014 11:02
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Was the result well-deserved? “Today we played a great game from a tactical point of view, pushing back a Sampdoria side that was undefeated until tonight. We created lots and lots of chances without being able to take them. When you win there are less things that need to be attended to, I don’t have any problems. I am happy for my players. My character? It has changed with age, now they tell me that I am too calm”, Walter Mazzarri told Sky.

What has hapened to Palacio?
“He is moving well, but he is hindered by an injury and he has never reached top condition this season. Today we got the win, I hope that he will feel better ahead of the coming games”.

How did you feel about the whistles from the stands after the first half? 
“I didn’t hear them. If you know me you know that I leave the pitch a few seconds before the referee signals for the end of the half, I always do. Anyone can say what they wish, I get the facts from my co-workers because numbers never lie. We accept what has happened, but we are proud of these players who gave their all: they were exhausted, but they produced some great football. A team that really feels like my own”.

What can you say about Thohir? What do you think of the latest exchange of words?
“I really don’t understand the latest attacks.  He has analysed our work without having preconcieved notions. When starting a new project, almost from scratch, I think you should expect that some things won’t work right away. However, from the inside its clear that the players are improving and we all have clear ideas”.


Max Williams
By Max Williams