UK: Borini, Liverpool now open to a loan?

October 31, 2014 19:50
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Inter is currently rumoured to be looking for another striker to strengthen Mazzarri’s attack in the winter mercato. According to reports coming from the UK, Fabio Borini, could be that player. It is said that Borini is first on Ausilio’s list for January and could be taken on loan with an option to buy. This move was previously ruled out but now it seems as if Brendan Rogers may have changed his mind on the topic.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • syahrul sembarang

    ET please just use all your available money only to buy one good winger and that’s enough. don’t waste it.

  • interfan

    I think we should get Kramaric because he is a compleate striker, just imagine the duo Icardi-Kramarić

  • postal

    We need a right winger most of all. A good one.

  • This doesn’t make me too happy, but I guess if there are no better options and if this guy agrees that he won’t be a regular starter and Inter are ok with the degree to which they have to pay his wages… I guess a loan is okay, as long as there isn’t an obligation to buy him.

    • frigo

      But there’s no sense in such a transfer. When you have Icardi, Osvaldo and Palacio plus young talent like Puscas and Bonazzoli for fourth striker spot, why you need someone like Borini? I don’t have to mention that we have a way bigger problems in midfield and on the wings. We need players like Konoplyanka and Firmino, not bench warmer Borini.

      • Ah, there’s so many open questions there… The fact that Inter seem so horny on Borini probably means he’s the best they can afford right now. Firmino and Konoplyanka include all the hefty competition we would probably face in the chase.
        There’s also that we don’t know how much Mazzarri wants to rely on Puscas and Bonazzoli. They seem very bright in the lower categories, but he’s the one who decides whether they play in the Serie A.

        I’d love Firmino and a change of formations, though 🙂
        As for the midfield, I think we need another ball player like Kovacic to move things around faster and make the game more dynamic. Mateo is being exhausted and is still very young and seemingly fragile. Besides, we’re always so slow on the ball when he doesn’t play.

      • Zoki

        Because Mazzari will never play Puscas and Bonazzoli, even if its really dumb not to. And then we have Icardi, who is probably getting pretty tired by playing every single match, Palacio, who is having more and more of form and injury problems and the last, currently injured Osvaldo. Also, I wouldn’t agree that we have a problem on the midfield, Hernanes and Kovačič have been superb the last few games and Medel and M’Vila do the CDM job decently. I think we should get Borini, because we are probably in a position in which we cannot afford a better striker. Then, we should buy Rolando to replace Vidič. The only part of midfield that needs investment is the right wing, Dodo has been playing decently on the left wing, is young and is getting better and better, so no need on the left IMO.

        • I agree, but we still have a structural problem with Mazzarri’s approach…
          Don’t get me wrong, this team isn’t a Scudetto-winning one, but we can do much better than we have.

          • Zoki

            Indeed. We don’t have the best team in Serie A, but I think that under the right coach, an Europa League spot would be a no-brainer.

  • cowboy

    only if he agrees with low pay