São Paulo VP: “If Pereira wants to go…”

November 28, 2014 22:51
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“I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy (maybe to Malpensa Airport?)” – AlvaRo-Kelly Pereira

According to SPNet, Ataide Gil Guerrero, vice president of São Paulo recently made a statement regarding Inter-loanee Alvaro Pereira:

“If he wants to go, it’s his right. I will not speak of his contract until it expires, I think that if he signed, he did so to respect it.” He has said there are also no problems extending Pereira’s contract if that be his wish. Knowing he is on loan, he did not plan on his stay being permanent, therefore the left-back’s leaving would not cause a crisis.

The Uruguayan has performed very well since his move to Brazil and his great performances during the World Cup also caught much attention. Roberto Mancini is said to appreciate the player and could recall him from loan in January to alleviate some of his issues in the full-back position.

Source: SPNet

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Oliver

    please don’t come back to italy because italian football is too easy for lord pereira , and also we still have lord nagatomo.

  • Octo

    Umm… We need a RIGHT back not a LEFT back who’s turned 29 and isn’t a huge long term upgrade on Dodo. If Sao Paolo love him and his value increased due to the world cup all the more reason to sell him if possible 🙂

  • ryndonesia

    Good passion…good spirit…but brainless, sorry

    • Deji Akande

      FUCKING GENIUS!! I couldn’t have said it any better. lol

  • Pick

    only back up for dodo, he is pure wood compare to dodo

    • casperv

      And your point is?? Dodo is so talented and, I belive, the future of Inter at left back (he´s only 22 years old), so yes we actually only need a backup for him – not an upgrade! And Perieira used to be great playing in a 4-3-3 at Porto, a system he really has not been used in at Inter (Stramma changed very quickly to 3-5-2 which Mazza continued using)!
      Let’s get him back in January and we´ll have our backup at left back, someone how has proven himself defensively at the world cup and at Sao Paulo! If he suckes than I think his contract expires this summer so….

      • Pick

        i am afraid that he can take dodos place in 1. team and slow his development although he is wood

        • casperv

          Hmm.. his not better than Dodo – plus Dodo also knows how to play on the wing, where his crossings, driblings and speed is very useful!
          Pereira will only come back as a backup, trust me!

          • Pick

            no doubt of course dodo is better but you never know coaches sometimes have different ideas but i trust you

  • Young Assassin

    Lord Kuzmanovic turning into a vicious player and if Mancini turns Pereira into a beast he’s hands down a god

    • Mahdi Torabinejad

      I feel as though there is every chance of that!

    • Octo

      Kuz always had potential unlike jonny. but mancini seems to have actually helped him along a bit 🙂

      • john smith

        I like Mancini but we still have to give credit where it’s due. Kuzmanovic has been playing very well all season long, whatever helped him improve, it was probably Mazzari that sparked it.

    • ErollG

      Kuzmanovic is on good form even before Mancini comes…

  • postal

    Oh, no. Please, not this guy again.

  • Dhama Zidqi

    no thanks, you can keep him dude…