Best responses for January transfer market

November 29, 2014 18:05
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You guys gave us an excellent response for what Inter should do this January.  Here are the awards for:

Most popular attackers Inter should sign:  Yevhen Konoplyanka, Xherdan Shaqiri, Alessio Cerci, Erik Lamela

Most popular defenders Inter should sign: Matteo Darmian, Fabian Schar

Most Popular sales: Jonathan, Kuzmanovic

Here are some of the best and most realistic comments:

1. Octo:
 Being realistic about Inter’s capability to make the right moves

Ins: Konoplyanka, Darmian
Outs: Jonathan (just get rid of him somehow), any excess youth players who need experience out on loan (preferably send them abroad)
If Inter could afford it/loan him Shaqiri would be a wicked addition to the squad too. He’d replace Palacio in this line up. Firminio’s value is skyrocketing now after his continued performances with hoffenheim and his brazil callus-he’s no longer a viable option. we missed the boat there. i’d recommend we also take a look at Shakhtar’s brazilian stars-with the ongoing conflict some may want to leave. and there’s no doubt some of them are pretty damn good 🙂

–Konoplyanka – Icardi – Palacio–

—Kovacic – Medel – Hernanes—

-Dodo – Jesus – Rano – Darmian-

———– Handanovic————

Then it’s up to Mancini and the players to do something special 🙂

2. kuda:

By the assumption that we’ll only enter market (except loan), unless there is sales. I cant find any players attractive enough for sales except icardi and handa. Kova is untouchable. I doubt anyone would materialize icardi this january, but handa is a possibility to replace mignolet who face massive criticism lately. Lets say we gain some capital from handa, then bardi is going to be his successor. Risky, but i think it’s time to trust bardi. However, i will consider all offers come, except for jesus and kova. But we should able to sell campagnaro kuz khrin and jonathan. At least loan with obligation to redeem, cause we need to make space for new players.
And then lets say we gain some capital from bond sales, or whatever i’d go for
– Buy Cerci, 13m is possible if the relations of cerci with atl deteriorating. Even loan with obligation rrdemption is possible if things deteriorating and atl. Need to send cerci away.
– Or buy shaqiri: his price is much lower now, same as cerci. And i heard bayern will accept formula 2m loan with obligation to redemp the rest (12-14m). We can use alvarez money to redeem. But shaqiri’s competition is fierce from juve, roma, napoli, liverpool, atl. Madrid to replace cerci. But we have to get at least one of them (cerci more realistic for competition reason).
– buy/loan giovinco. His contract end next summer should be available for cheap. He’s forward but doing very good as left winger with parma.
– loan either salah or campbell. If cerci failed then take campbell, if shaqiri failed then take salah.
– Buy darmian, idk his price. But should be around 10-12m, but his wages is low.
– buy obiang, to replace khrin or obi. OR loan paulinho.

And if we dont have money,
– shaqiri with loan with oblgtion redemption(from alvarez sale) and guarantee him as important player
– loan giovinco or take back botta
– loan either salah, campbell, and giovinco.
– take back crisetig and send away khrin

As for konoplyanka i’d go for free in june. In january transfer you need quick impacts fron player who know serie a. I’d also try for ayew, gignac, kramaric and litchsteiner for free. It depends on january market.

All the players above in consideration of our salary parameter, below 3m. Forget about lavezzi, lamela, gerrard, glen johnson, balo, sneijder, messi, LOL

Formation (expectation)
Darmian(ambro)-rano (vidic)-juan(andre)-dodo(naga)

By this formation dicsipline is an obligatory. When hernanes go forward, kova and medel need to stay in center. And the other way around if kova go forward. And also the fullback, when darmian boost up, dodo should stay at least until center.

Icardi? Sorry to say this but i hope we can get most money from him this january. We just really need MONEEEYYY

3. Dar10


1) Cerci/Lamela/Shaqiri/Jovetic [loan+option to buy]

2) Konoplyanka/Kramaric/Dzsudszak/Ayew [all 2015]

3) Chiriches[loan+option]/Schär[2015]/Rolando

*notice there are players on the edge of a BOSMAN move in each line, so we HAVE TO MOVE CLEVER this time! I would try to sign now Konoplyanka for the summer.


1) Jonathan [expiring contract, but who wants him?!]

2) Guarin [if good enough offer comes in, doubt it]

3) Kuzmanovic [we already have Khrin and Obi for backup role]

4) Campagnaro [propose mutual termination, expiring contract in June].

Thank you very much to everyone who participated.  It was really hard to chose the top 3.  I hope Mr. Thohir will listen to what you have to say!







Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • I miss Marco Branca

    Inter boasts about this amazing youth team and excellent prospects so where are they ? were any of them in the “starting” lineup? (Obi came in as a sub in case his name gets thrown out there) If inter’s prospects were any good clearly they would make the starting lineup of an 11th place team (at least that’s what I think). Just face facts….inter is poor. all of these potential acquisitions are clearly fantasy. take your average prospects and start them, sell the players you got and i’m pretty sure with Mancini as coach you can finish 11th place with a primavera squad…….why pay all those high salaries to be in 11th place when the kids will get you the same results ???

  • Buck

    Anybody think we could get Aubameyang from Dortmund being as they are last in the Bundesliga?

    • Octo

      Interesting idea. On the other hand will they finish the season in that area of the table? if they’re relegated a lot of players may leave… but i doubt that’ll happen. an intriguing possibility though

  • Abood Da Shinzo

    Im surprised no one wants to sell Rano… I never liked him and he will never improve.. Defending iq is bad and postioning is on the moon.. I beg you Inter wake up and sell him

  • kevin mirallas(everton) and eriksen(totenhem) we need this guys

  • kuda

    In january i prefer to land player who knows italian football in the first place. Konoplyanka has never leave ukraine, there will be much more time to adapt. That’s why i go for konoplyanka for pre-contract sign in june. Dnipro asks for 10m for him. And konoplyanka refused 3m contract from dnipro. Thus we need to offer wage more than 3m i guess. It will be tough.

    • Pick

      3 m really?? uff that is much

  • masoudzarifi



  • RollOut

    Replace Jonathan with Sebastien Corchia he is a good full back. And we still have Crstiano Biraghi. Instead of Konoplyanka i preffer Zakaria Bakkali from PSV.

  • ErollG

    Messi & Van Persie would be good

  • inter inter inter

    Rolando in, Campagnaro out . Darmian in , Jonathan out (Defense is very good and talented “by names” , and they need unity) . And if Inter wants 3rd place should buy a better Wing Forward , and for the summer a class midfielder.

  • Octo

    Thanks guys 🙂

    Inter were linked with Ayew ~2.5 years ago when we faced Olympique Marseille in our last foray into the knockout rounds of the ucl. he’d sure be a nice Bosman Dar10. I suspect players like him and Konoplyanka will be snapped up by a club in january though so if we want 1 we need to move for them in january

    Think Bardi should finish this loan period at Chievo (at least) before returning to replace Handanovic

    • Pick

      that would be most realistic option but today bardi was on the bench and bizzari was great it could be that bardi will be on the bench for a while

      • Octo

        In that circumstance things may be viewed differently for sure. on the matter of chievo Biraghi seems to be doing ok there. Shame he’s a left back not right back but i’ve watched him with interest since that indonesia tour where he and luca tremolada were called up. don’t know if he could be useful for us in the future-we’re effectively obliged to buy Dodo and Nagatomo is a valuable marketing tool. D’ambrosio can play on the left too i think?

        • Pick

          yes in Toro he played on the left most of time

  • Dhana

    Me and kuda have the same thinking…

  • Pick

    1. i realy hope