GdS: Handanovic gets a renewal proposal, here is the details…

November 29, 2014 13:17
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La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Piero Ausilio and Samir Handanovic’s agent, Federico Pastorello have started negotiations to renew the goalkeepers contract that ends 2016. The Slovenian earns 2 million euros a year and the club wants to extend his contract until the end of 2019 and are ready to raise his salary to 2.5 million euros plus bonuses.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Thats why he always linked to any team around.. Because he only earn fucking 2mil while he save our ass countless time..

  • Octo

    I know we all love batmanovic but i do hope the 2019 thing is to keep his value high for a sale and that we don’t intend to actually keep him that long… Handanovic could be very profitable. Selling Bardi instead would be kind of crazy

  • casperv

    “Here IS the details”… please guys!!

    • Octo

      Hey, english may not be the writers’ first language. besides we all understand it-i don’t really see a problem

      • casperv

        I know man – and I didn’t meant to be a jerk about it – I love the work my Swedish friends are doing on this site!
        – “I er de bedste!!!”

  • Zoki

    He deserves more IMO. I wouldn’t have a problem if he had the highest salary of Inter players, after all, he is the only one in the current squad that can be called a world class player (players like Kovačič have potential, but aren’t world class ATM).

    • Absolutely true.

    • Octo

      I agree he’s our only world class player atm. But that’s no reason to double his salary or similar. We still need to be money conscious. Also, as demonstrated with Guarin overpaying players is a sure way to hinder any future sales because they won’t want to take a huge pay cut.

      • Zoki

        I didn’t mean like crank up his wages for 300% for no reason. If he agrees to such a salary, very good. I meant that we would maybe need to cash out a bit more if we want to keep him since he could get up to double of his new proposed salary in other top clubs.

    • Jr

      looks like we are planning to sell him