Ranocchia: “Garcia’s Roma is a great team, but we’re hoping to win”

November 29, 2014 19:10
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Inter captain Andrea Ranocchia spoke to Inter Channel the night before Sunday’s Roma-Inter: “I expect a good match, fought between two teams of high level. Garcia’s Roma is a great team that plays a European style of football. It will certainly be difficult, but we’re hoping that we’ll win. The player I fear the most? Totti. My friend Astori? He’s a smart guy, he has great experience.”

Source: fcinternews.it

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • InterFin

    How come everyone is bashing Rano?? He’s been solid this season and most of the times when he gets blamed for bad positioning is because he is trying to cover mistakes committed by the rest of the defence. Actually the only one who does that.

  • Dhama Zidqi

    andreolli can play better than our captain, wtf …

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    You’re not my captain…

    • InterFin

      You’re right. He is Inter’s captain!

  • TQ

    Try not to fuck us up tomorrow u fucking giraffe.

  • Octo

    What exactly does he mean by “a European style of football” I wonder?

    • InterFin

      By European style he means a little bit more open and attacking minded game.

  • Recoba – Inter

    try not to play tomorrow and i think we gonna win

    • Octo

      I appreciate Rano is at times a liability. But how the hell do we strengthen our back line with other players instead? The most solid central defence I can see from our current squad is Vidic – Medel. Juan would either aim to displace Vidic or Dodo at LB. Obviously, while Medel may be a decent cb his stated position is cdm or something around there. That presents problems as he doesn’t have the height of a european centre back and moving him back would leave a void at the base of midfield which M’vila/Kuzmanovic probably can’t fill well enough. Ergo our *incredible* captain is a little starved of competition; do we play Andreoli at centre back or something you reckon?

      • Mike

        Vidic and Juan, if Vidic is on form.

        • Octo

          I beg to differ. I think Medel could play better at cb than Juan (Simeone agrees for what it’s worth). It’s just not his natural position so it’s not ideal to use him there. Plus, we’d be basically taking any steel in our midfield out by playing him at cb.

          • Pick

            rano and juan need some time to get used 4 at a back it will be fine

          • Octo

            I’sure it will 🙂 I still think Medel is a more capable centre back than either will make this season. Just my opinion though. And it doesn’t matter much anyway as i doubt model will be ever played there at inter unless there’s an injury crisis

      • Recoba – Inter

        we gonna see tonight what Ranocchia gonna do my friend , Ranocchia is very slow and reckless i prefere Vidic over him . i don’t even think he deserve to be a captain , handa is the only one deserve it he’s our savior every game

        • Octo

          you’re preaching to the choir 😉 i’ve been here long enough to see most of that. there’s no getting away from the fact we lack world-class centre backs, even 2 very good centre backs. but unless mancini gives the armband to someone else he’ll be playing a fair bit :/