Venerato: “Lavezzi wants to return to Italy, which city?…”

November 29, 2014 07:20
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Rai journalist Ciro Venerato spoke about Napoli’s mercato in the program Si Gonfia la Rete.” One of the names that came up was that of former winger Ezequiel Lavezzi:

“Il Pocho does not want to return to Naples because the conditions aren’t there (for him). The player wants to return to Italy, but in Milano,” he revealed.

29 year old Lavezzi is just one of many wingers mooted for transfer to Inter during the upcoming January window. His age and wages are among two stumbling blocks in the age-old saga for the PSG-man’s move to the Nerazzurri.

Source: Rai

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Octo

    he’s not worth what the transfer would cost-if psg want to seize dimaria off man utd they need to gain money elsewhere. not from us

    say, imagine if psg look like this next year. they could put up a real fight in the ucl…
    DiMaria – Cavani – Lucas
    Verratti – Motta – Matuidi
    Digne – Marquinhos – Silva – Van der Wiel

    but this ain’t a psg site. no idea why i brought that up, especially as PSG’s serie a contingent is diminishing

    • casperv

      No Zlatan? And Di MAria???

      • Octo

        Next year as in next season. Ibra may indeed ‘mature like wine and get better with age’ as he put it. I don’t doubt he’ll he as good as he ever has been next year. What I doubt is his ability to form a fearsome attacking triumvirate with Lucas and dimaria-I feel their styles mesh better with Cavani’s.

        I do realise dimaria is currently at utd-but its no secret psg wanted him and probably still do. They just lacked the funds last close season

    • Chalon



      ———DiMaria ——————-Lucas
      ——————Verratti – Cabaye
      Digne – Marquinhos – Silva – Van der Wiel

      • Octo

        Ibra’s presence in that xi i can kind of appreciate tho i don’t agree with. But Cabaye over Matuidi man? seriously? Teams would cut through that midfield like a knife through butter. there’s no steel there

  • postal

    We can’t afford him anyway. Just speculations.

  • jackabood

    plz no , he’s past his prime and is getting old

  • Pick

    konoplyanka only