Mancini to Sky: ”Despite the errors we were in the game. I had a reason to protest”

November 30, 2014 23:58
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Speaking to the microphones of Sky Sports after the 4-2 loss against Roma, Roberto Mancini commented on the defeat.

”Roma have been playing well for the last year. We all knew it would be a difficult game but we were in it for a long period. In the first half, we were doing something wrong. We let them cut inside too easily from the right side of the pitch. When we conceded for the second and third time, the ball remained inside the penalty area. We made several mistakes and we have to work to correct our mistakes.”

When asked about Fredy Guarin, ”He is a midfielder but he has to figure out when to attack the ball, when to hold his ground, and when to play the ball.”

Regarding his expulsion, he said, ”Expulsion? I do not really want to comment on it much. I didn’t just protest for nothing – I had a reason.”

”I know that we have to work hard, and we made an effort to play this game well but the defeat does not change our vision going forward. Tonight we also managed to pressurize Roma. There were times when we countered and there were other periods when they were not able to easily push forward.”

”Not having many options, I had to adapt and field Kuzmanovic out wide and Guarin. The idea was to press Roma but we know that we have to improve. The aim is to play Champions League football next season and there are two roads to take us there.”

Elaborating on his plans moving forward, ”We need to improve our team work and build a team with a different module. The important task is to make fewer mistakes. But we definitely need to change our style and try to make it work for the month of December. I repeat, however, I have had a good first impression of the squad and have found a starting point to build on.”

”Osvaldo had a good game. We played three games last week and he had to start over Icardi, who had to rest. Both Icardi and Osvaldo will do well from now until the end of the year. When a team plays a year and a half with three defenders, it is difficult to change the defense to four in a short time. We have to improve quickly though”, he concluded.

Swarup Pokhrel
By Swarup Pokhrel
  • Giovanni Barbosa Dos Santos

    No! advances bring a good coach like Mancini and not hire the players he needs hope Thoir invest money ne good contratrações in January. remember before questioning the coach that he has the weak cast he inherited from Mazzarri

  • Herditya Pradipta

    From what we saw tonight, I think we desperately need another QUALITY defender despite the need of attacking winger(s). Gervinho made them look like a bunch of Serie B defenders, especially Ranocchia.

    • Giovanni Barbosa Dos Santos

      I agree with you

    • Pick

      i dont agree we changed the coach and system no one can do miracles in 2 week far too eary to judge our player are out of position they will learn.Ranocchio vs gervinho on wide area it is over like most of CBs

    • Inter4Ever

      Every roma player made rannochia look like a seria b defender. seriously any player who is fast can get past rannochia (that probably explains why obi does well in training matches)

  • I hope we take the European way to the CL instead of the Italian… don’t see either happening, though 🙂

    • Pick

      there are more 25 rounds left so it is to early to say .And in EL anything can happen especially on penaltys 🙂

  • kuda

    Even mancini said how poor guarin’s decision making ability is -_-
    I believe in mancini and hoping for a good january mercato from management. Forza inter!

    • #4

      I wonder did he really training? I mean with that high salary, he still losing too much ball than making a decent cross or pass