The Curious Case of Yann M’Vila

December 7, 2014 12:21
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Last game against Roma saw Yann M’Vila reacting furiously to his substitution by Roberto Mancini, the incident angered many Nerazzurri fans as he didn’t prove himself yet, or even contributed to anything with the team which raises concerns about his future with the club, and whether we should sign him permenantly or send him packing to his Rubin Kazan, Looking at his history a bit, you should tell us what do you think.

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Yann M’Vila, 4 years ago he was the hottest prospect in the french league, with teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and even Manchester United racing to acquire his signature, but Yann is no saint, as evidenced by his knack for appearing on news sites for all the wrong resasons. On the pitch, however, he uses his aggression to his benefit. Still, we have had our fair share of troublemakers and eccentrics. Do we really need more drama in the dressing room?

In 2010

M’Vila is said to have attacked a restaurant owner following a bout of road rage, while he was in court just two months earlier, to see a pair of prostitutes jailed for robbing him and a friend, after they were invited back to a hotel room before a match.

He was also involved in a furious training ground spat with fans earlier that season, when Rennes’ poor performances on the pitch saw some supporters storm the players car park, leading to the France ace confronting several members of the mob after one kicked a wheel on his car.

In 2011

The player was expelled from the French national team for reportedly organizing a night out while on duty breaking a curfew when he visited a Parisian nightclub with the French under-21 squad, He was motivated to move to Russia to escape the attention he had received at home, but he has found himself at the center of another scandal.

Then he was asked to sit out of a game for his team, following an altercation outside his home in Vern-sur-Seiche, in which he is said to have punched a 17-year-old boy during a heated argument, Which resulted in Rennes forcing him to train with the youth team.

In 2012

in November the french police detained a girl, who had been suspected of shoplifting. Further investigation found that the girl was 15 at the time of arrest and involved in prostitution. More importantly ‘explicit’ photos and text messages, discovered in her mobile phone, fed suspicions that some top football players, including M’Vila, could be connected to her.which proves his involvement with an under-age prostitute.

The defensive midfielder, was also suspended for one match after refusing to shake the hand of then head coach Laurent Blanc when he was substituted against Spain during Euro in that year.

This string of off field disciplinary issues have put all the then-looking-at-him teams off, even dimening much of the young talent shine, clouding his character, with plenty unimpressed that he’s been arrested three times in the past few years for various offences.

Marwan Salama
By Marwan Salama