Jonathan: “What a great feeling to be playing again”

December 30, 2014 23:21
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Jonathan new

Jonathan made his return to the pitch after his injury and he spoke about his emotions with SportMediaset after the game in Morocco. The Inter defender began by stating:

“The nightmare is finally over”, regarding his injury absence. He then continued; “I was actually emotional before kick off, I have never been out for injury this long. Now I need to get the fears out of my head. Now it is time to restart with a big game, the one against Juventus.”

source: SportMediaset

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • #4

    my nightmare finally begin when he and Guarin start playing. at the same side. from the start…………..

  • Oliver

    the lords of the nerazzurri : the returns of the king!

  • 还在踢

    welcome back Jonathan !
    I think inter will start with a series of solid plays.

  • Zoki

    I would much rather see you play somewhere else and get us the €€€ that we crucially need 😀