M’Vila: “Now the moment has come for me..”

December 30, 2014 22:09
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Just a few minutes before the game, Yann M’Vila spoke to BeIN Sports:

“We have trained well, it will not be easy but we will try to do our best. PSG not in shape? Well it is always a difficult team to play against; they can turn any situation around. Now it is time for me to restart myself and get back into the best shape possible.”

Source: BeIN sports

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Катя Глущенко

    Where is gone your fat ass?

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I didn’t see anything special in him AGAIN! Why should we keep this guy!?

    • HP

      I think he actually did really well. I saw him made one mistake though. But overall he had a very good game. He and Kuz did really well holding PSG and wining the ball back.

    • ErollG

      I see some interesting moments with him, i even think if he’s in shape, he’s better than Medel.

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        He doesn’t have Medel’s fighting spirit and as DM he is soft.

        • ErollG

          Clearly not the same type, M’vila is more technical than Medel. He’s very soft, maybe because the physical problem because of not playing for quite long time at Russia. I agree that he’s been poor tho.

      • Jr

        he is not better than medel… what are you smoking?

        • ErollG

          I said when he’s in shape. The problem is he’s never does that in Inter.

  • Pick

    he has place in this team

  • jackabood

    i played really well today .

    • Ehsan


      • jackabood

        Lol , I didn’t spell check .”he played really well today” :p

        • Saudijac_30


  • Matt

    I think most of us have a lot of faith in M’Vila, I just hope he starts to prove what he’s worth