Inter-PSG, the first contacts made for Lavezzi

December 31, 2014 00:10
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Ezequiel Lavezzi

Gianluca di Marzio writes on his blog about the meeting between Inter and PSG today:

“A mercato lunch at Marrakech between Inter and PSG. Just a few hours before the exhibition game that was played this night, the two clubs met for a lunc where all the directors were present and they also had time to talk about the mercato. And about Lavezzi. It was the first talks about the two parts and a starting approach from the nerazzurri directors who tried to understand the situation of the Argentinian(who didn’t join the PSG-team on the Marrakech trip). From what has been filtered from the meeting(and then confirmed by Blanc tonight), Lavezzi will be fined by the club but the intention of PSG is to mend what’s broken between them and the player. Though this is the first official contact between Inter and PSG. Though in the horizon there’s the possibility that there will be other contacts. With Inter ready, observing the situation and ready to show some interest in the player. To bring him back to Italy in the direction of San Siro.”


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