Inter keeps negotiating for Podolski

December 31, 2014 00:41
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Gianluca di Marzio reports about the situation for Lukas Podolski:

“Looking for the perfect winger, Inter is still aiming for Lukas Podolski. The German is more than an idea, he is a true and real Inter target. Inter are have continous and constant contacts with Arsenal, the words of Wenger(Podolski to Inter is just rumours) isn’t worrying Thohir’s club. The player wants to move to Inter and the only thing missing is finding a way to satisfy both Inter and Arsenal. Inter would like to finish the deal or with a pure loan, or a loan with a buying option, without spending a lot of money on the deal. Inter and Arsenal still need to agree and find the key that will unlock the deal. Inter wants to Podolski and there should be more news in the coming days, who knows if they are decisive.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • John Ofori

    Ausillo sometimes signs players that I don’t really understand.Diarra for instance.This player is finished,but he want him to come.This player Susic,what potential does he have.The squad is not good,but he keeps on pilling archaic players onto the old ones.Good players are in the bundesliga,but only free transfers and mediocre transfer players he knows how to get them.

    • Pick

      diarra finished?? definitely not

      • Jr

        how the f do you know?? he didnt play competitively anymore since may!!

        • Pick

          he didn’t forget how to play football and he passed medical that means he is ready

          • ErollG

            Tommaso Rochi also passed medical just saying…

          • Pick


    • slim_blues_boy

      well, it’s difficult to find quality players with no money, LOL

    • Ignatius Benny

      Sadly but true. We must find new director too who can sell rubbish player first and then get new quality player. I wish a new director can sell Guarin, Nagatomo, Campagnaro, Jonathan, Silvestre, Schelleto and Botta first. Then buy proven player. Ausilio signing this year is very bad. Vidic-free but fail to adapt, Dodo-good attack bad defend, M’Villa – not in shape, Andreolli – a bench warmer. And now, Diarra?

      • #4

        ‘fail to adapt’ is not director fault you know? it is coach job to make a player good at defence not director. M’Villa pass medical check up, what make him not in shape, is his own decision. Andreolli position in the squad is a back up player. if you wanna blame Ausilio, blame him because he can sell Guarin, Campagnaro, etc then I agree with you. sign player not a simple like playing FM, you should discus with the coach, presidente, other director, etc

        • ErollG

          Ausillo actually did quite good job considering what we have. Medel is important, Osvaldo awesome signing, Andreolli is free and decent as a backup, Vidic is terrible but he’s free, M’vila strugling because of himself.

          • D Hatch

            vidic isnt exactly free, he has massive wages

      • Pivon

        Dude, get your shit straight. Earlier you said:

        “Great job for Ausilio if Cerci, Podolsky, Diarra, Camacho in while Guarin and M’Villa out. Score : 8”

        Now you do NOT like Diarra? And you also wrote:

        “My next buy are Brosovic,M’Villa,Osvaldo and Nastasic. Maybe it will cost about 50 million.”

        So tell me, do you want m’vila in or out now?
        You are all over the place. No wonder Ausilio cant satisfy you – you would be an absolutely fantastic President or director!!

        • Ignatius Benny

          My score is about how Ausilio still can sign player..But the problem now he can’t sell anyone. I admit it I still confuse how M’Villa fitness. If he’s fit i will sign him. It same goes with Lass Diarra. Alright, my bad coz i’m inconsistent. Next time, i will more carefull.

  • Adil Moh

    I am not expecting Anything from this transfer..Inter are in the wrong hands …atm

  • Inter4Ever

    I’ve lost hope of this transfer