TS – Mancini has been clear with Ausilio: he wants Shaqiri

December 31, 2014 11:23
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“It is now a head to head for Shaqiri: Juve is ahead, but with Inter now breathing down the neck. And today negotiations will resume.”

Tuttosport also confirms that Inter is serious about the interest for the Swiss national who is about to leave Bayern Munich. “Moral: every day has its dawn and its sunset, but also its news. Last night, for example, both Juventus and the Inter had confirmation of Liverpool being a classic loose cannon who might as well burst of in the end. However, according to most sources, the Swiss would be more interested in moving to Turin or Milan. The British club discusses directly with his brother-agent Shaqiri, unlike the two Italian clubs that operate more effectively through mediators on the transfer market.”

The turning point for Inter on the transfer market to the former Basel player for Inter came after the farewell to Cerci: “Inter, in clear acceleration, has definitely entered the fifth gear. Mancini was clear with his Sporting Director Ausilio: now that he has lost Cerci, the Inter coach wants to get his hands (almost) at all costs on the eclectic Bayern player, who can play both as a winger and as a playmaker. Hence the moves of Ausilio: who sent a set of key messages to Bayern. Inter has agreed to put fifteen million on the plate to seal the operation. The methods: loan with the right of redemption and mandatory deferred payment over multiple years. Since the Nerazzurri, compared to Juventus, are behind regarding the courtship directed to Shaqiri, the move of Inter’s Sporting Director has go directly to the top of the German team. Bayern evaluate Shaqiri at 20, 22 million, but they also know that the Swiss national will not renew the contract, due to expire in 2016. So for the interested teams it is more than realistic to visualize the possibility of reaching an agreement with the German club for a price of 15 to 18 million, including bonuses.”

Source: fcinternews.it

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • ErollG

    I still think Shaqiri is too good to be true…

  • Sayed Hassan


  • Hanindito Prasojo

    i heard Juventus now turn head to chase Sneijder instead, i don’t know but it’s good if we can focus on this guy and snatch him away, really a great signing, he carry swiss alone at this year World Cup (attacking wise, other attacker play like headless chicken)

  • Inter_RNS

    And he’d be very first Albanian to play for Inter.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Thanks to our managment in these years we’ve missed on so many wingers like Alexis (35M to Barca), Lavezzi (25M to PSG), Lamela (12M to Roma), Hazard (40M to Chelsea)… I hope we get this guy finally…

    • You really think any of the players you listed, except Lamela, would come to us instead of the clubs they ended up going to? We didn’t miss out on them – there was no chance of us tempting them

  • masoudzarifi2

    i like shaqiri..we really need him.because he is only24 and can play as a winger or even playmaker so he is cruccialy perfect for us,,,,,,,,get him ASAP