FCIN: Inter Want Vietto in July

January 31, 2015 19:24
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According to reports coming out of Spain Inter are interested in bringing Luciano Vietto to Milan in July. Reports have indicated that there will be contact between the player’s entourage and the Nerazzurri in the coming days. The point of this contact will be to outline whether or not it would be possible to acquire the player in the summer; however, the cooperation of Villarreal is necessary for any deal to go through.

Source: FcInterNews.it

Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • Hand- Gun

    Get him… i like him… he is the next messi..hahaha

  • Faisal Siregar

    Bring him in !

  • StopRetardin

    Get him! Let this be the first transfer !!!

  • Inter4Ever

    I haven’t seen this guy play… looks like I’m tuning into some villareal matches now

  • El LoboNerazzurri98

    Inter management are taking the right steps in securing a possible replacement in case of the departure of Nerazzuro hitman Mauro Icardi. Any club wanting the Nerazzurri Argentine striker servers most put up a reasonable offer of 50 million Euros(Icardi is not worth less for a young 21 yr with lots of potential to continue growing to be a elite striker in the world) that’s if his stock doesn’t continue to rise if he is called up for Argentina’s Copa America squad this summer and has a good string of performances. If Inter sell Icardi for a reasonable price the yellow submarines Argentine Luciano Vietto would a good quality replacement with him having a very good first season thus far in La Liga and scoring equal amount of goals as Icardi. Vietto’s skills are similar to that of Argentine compariot Sergio Aguero and Javier Saviola which he has not disappointed in those comparisons. Inter should also consider another Argentine that’s having a breakthrough season in Serie A with Palermo Paulo Dybala also considered the “New Aguero” and scoring the same amount of goals as Icardi. If Ausilo can find the magic to bring both players this summer to the San SIro Inter would have a lethal Argentine striking duo for years to come.

    • Zselic

      but we can’t forget that Zamparini is crazy. making a reasonable deal for Vietto wouldn’t be a problem (if these rumours are true), but you can’t do the same with Palermo

  • Joe


  • jackabood

    a huge talent , would be great if we can grab him

  • Interista

    If Icardi is sold then this kid should be bought…pure talent!

    • Dani Milekić

      Is he better than Icardi, what are the major differences?
      I’ve heard great things about Vietto but never seen him play.

      • maxinh0

        i wouldnt say that he is better than icardi, but im sure he will be better for our tactics and formation. vietto is a player that has really good finishing and he also drops back to help out in the midfield and thats something icardi doesnt do..

        • Pick

          not true

          • maxinh0

            can u be more precisely with ur comment?

          • Pick

            icardis work rate is high in defence

          • Ehsan

            Yokh baba?!

          • Pick

            than watch games since mancini

          • maxinh0

            well he doesnt do that consistantly then… i saw him sometimes going back to help in midfield but thats definately rare. in the game against torino he was just standing around in the offense and was picking his nose while our midfield couldnt get any balls forward.

          • Dani Milekić

            Icardi is useless going back. Even when he does go back which is rare he never gets the ball, he couldn’t make a good tackle to save his life.

          • Hanindito Prasojo

            tracking back isn’t main concern about striker tho, it could be the match situation or coach instruction that he only pressure other team only until half way line and standing at the front as main attacking point, Mancini isn’t stupid to let his main striker not doing what he really want, when Icardi come to receive the ball (as you said u want to see) theres no other movement from winger and midfielder so it become useless and the only thing he can do is pass back to midfielder

          • maxinh0

            im sure if he drops back and receives the ball the wingers would run forward and a play could be made. furthermore, icardi should do what mancini wants from him.

        • Dani Milekić

          So similar to Palacio or more like Giuseppe Rossi?

          • maxinh0

            i would compare his workrates to palacio but he is more skillful and has probably better finishing. but i have to say that i dont follow him and i only saw videos about him playing, so i could be wrong…

      • Zselic

        the main difference is Vietto can create chances by his own thanks to his agility and dribbling skills. i’d take him (or Dybala ofcourse) anytime over Icardi

  • Pick

    ooo yeaaa

  • nerazzurri tifosi

    Yes ! Perfect man young talent !