GDS: Osvaldo Back at Southampton

January 31, 2015 19:33
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Osvaldo sad

Reports coming in from the “Gazetta dello Sport” indicate that Inter is returning Osvaldo to parent club Southampton after the relationship broke down between the player and the Nerazzurri. The loan will be terminated early, as Ausilio will take advantage of his excellent relationship with the English club to sort the termination of the loan out. The loan may be finished but the legal actions against Osvaldo will continue. This also changes everything for Juventus, as Inter did not want to strengthen another Italian team by giving the player up. Now the decisions lies with the English club concerning where and when to loan the player out. However, a similar deal was brokered with Juve in the second half of last season so there is no reason to believe it is not possible again.


Editor’s note: Is this good business for Inter? How do you feel about the way this situation was handled by Inter or Osvaldo? Let us know. Comment below!

Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • Kalakala41

    Player kicks the Ball…. The Ball is kicked by Player…. What is look alike of Osvaldo, Player or The Ball ?…..

  • Faisal Siregar

    and then Taider is coming back ? or what ?

    • Nope, think the deals were ultimately separate.

      • Faisal Siregar

        oooooh i see thanks bud

    • I miss Marco Branca

      sassuolo will buy out taider at the end of the season for 5 mill I believe

  • Inter4Ever

    Smart move, if we do win the case against him, we would get more than juve would have ever given us, and we wouldn’t have to get our blood boiling by him making comments on how greater ‘juve’ is than inter

  • postal

    If we can’t swap him for Darmian, I’d much rather shipping him back to England than giving him to Juve.

    • Faisal Siregar

      you’ve made a point

  • dan

    Noooooo we don’t want him back, he’s poison.

  • I’m guessing we couldn’t reach a deal with Juventus so decided to send him to Southampton and let them try to find him another club instead of being stuck with him after the transfer period is over.

  • Interista

    This is so bad for the team spirit! Hope Inter learn something from this and always look to players with good charecther and not just the price…..Osvaldo has been like this in every club he has been to so suprised? Not really….this was bound to happen sooner rather than later….

  • Pick

    finally get rid of him

  • nerazzurri tifosi

    So Ausilio has an excellent relationship with southampton ? Then why the f don’t we ask gor schneiderlin or alderwield ?

    • DS

      Alder is on loan from Atletico and Schneiderlin costs about 30 mil..