Pedullà: “Touré to Inter? His wages would not be a problem. Cassano..”

January 31, 2015 13:57
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Alfredo Pedullà talked to his Twitter followers and answered questions about Yaya Touré and Cassano:

“If a move is possible for Touré to Inter in June? Mancini said so and he should be believed. For the wages there wouldn’t be any problems because if the midfielder wants to reunite with Mancini, I think that he would be ready to lower his wages. Cassano? Mancini said they haven’t talked and I trust the coach. The Italian will wait until Monday and if Inter hasn’t called he will start looking for other teams.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Yes, Yaya would lower his wages, but how low can he go to suit Inter? He’s getting 13 million per year now, and Inter’s highest paid player gets 3 mil per year if I’m not mistaken.

    Sounds like a fairy tale, lets see what happens. I anticipate Icardi leaving if Toure comes through. We have to finance that deal somehow and Icardi is the only player who can provide us with that kind of money.

    • Inter4Ever

      Maybe next year, thohir will start using some big bucks

      • But the point is, we already are using more money than we have, it’s just that we won’t pay up right now, but over the course of the next 2-3 years (Shaqiri + Brozovic, Murillo too)

        It’s not about how much money Thohir has, it’s about how much the club has and how much it makes. And without a CL spot we won’t be making much. And it doesn’t look like we’re getting the CL spot.

        • casperv

          No, but the CL spot is only about 10-15 % of what we would make next year – Inter STILL makes money also without the CL money. Plus with the sales of some of our retards next summer we will get some much needed cash as well (Ranno, -Murillo’s coming plus Rudolho/someone else), Guarin (Brozovic is taking his place), Kuza (Lass is taking his role) and so on!

          • I haven’t heard anything that points to us selling Ranocchia, and especially not Guarin (Mancini likes him a lot). And there won’t be any serious money out of the others.

            Lets see what happens, there’s a lot of unpredictable things that have to happen before we know our capacities for next summer. The most important thing right now is that the team finds continuity and starts winning.

          • Chalon

            Ranocchia really should be sold. We could make some useful money and I think is pretty clear by now for everyone that he is not very good at all.

          • casperv

            after the burst out against the fans today AND the play on the field the should be no other way for Guarin than OUT of here comes summer!!

        • Inter4Ever


        • Chalon

          Exactly. People talking about how Thohir needs to spend do not understand FFP at all, and why Thohir is important in terms of the business side of things and making profit.
          We are already at full stretch in terms of spending.

    • casperv

      Well he has recived high wages for years – in Russia, Barca and in England so I guess he can affore to play a couple of years on a “minimum wage” in order to play in a country he has never tried out before with the coach who “made” him the best midfielder in the world!

      • It makes sense, but when it’s about money, not many people are prepared to make that sacrifice.

        Also, Inter probably won’t play the CL next season, so Toure is also losing that opportunity.

        • casperv

          Look at Samuel Eto!

    • D Hatch

      All we have to do is give him birthday cake

      • Yep, that certainly has to be a clause in the contract we give him. It could even be the one that decides the deal 🙂