SM: Runoff between Rhodolfo and Dragovic. Ledesma…

January 31, 2015 14:41
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SportMediaset reports on the final days of the transfer window and the likely tracks Inter is following from their studios.

The roads leading to Vida seem to have gone awry so that the Nerazzurri can concentrate on Dynamo Kiev’s Dragovic, who is the alternative to Rhodolfo. Mancini is still putting pressure on former City defender Micah Richards to convince him to join the coach in Milano.

Regarding Ledesma, Ausilio will pressure stiff Lazio president Claudio Lotito to allow the 32 year-old midfielder to go for free.

Source: SportMediaset

What do you think of the players mentioned?

  • Dhana

    I will be very happy if dragovic join to inter eventhough its difficult at the current situation. On the other hand, we can get schar n starts to negotiate about his contract because his contracts will finish at the end of season

  • Inter4Ever

    Just stop it with rhodolfo! Get dragovic instead of ledesma and rhodo

  • Dani Milekić

    Why is Dragovic alternative to Rhodolfo, it would be better other way around.

  • Memo Moussa

    We could have sold ranocchia and anderolli….bought dragovic plus fabian schar…imagine our defence with juan , dragovic and schar to change between….damn we even could have played juan as a left back n play dragovic plus schar as CB’s

  • A~Nerazzurri

    I think Richards is not so bad , he can play on full back too , and plus he is free in the end of the season . my first choise is dragovic(very strong def) and then Richards .

    • frigo

      And with what Richards will help us and higher the level up, when he fails miserably in Fiorentina and he’s very injury prone? With that kind of compromising transfers we’re in that situation fighting for Europa League spot and can’t win three games in a row. We need class, every other thing it’s not working, we have more than enough mediocre players. Better make only one transfer, but real class player, instead 3-4 mediocres.

    • #4

      I believe he not that good at fullback pos. but if we talk about CB pos, he can really be like monster