Sport Mediaset: Rhodolfo on Stand-By, Diakite…

January 31, 2015 19:38
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Diakite 650

According to reports from “Sport Mediaset” Inter are still trying to shore up their defence before the January transfer window closes. With the Rhodolfo deal seemingly being held up, Inter may return to a previous target and try to bring in defender Mobido Diakité before time runs out on the mercato.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • Hand- Gun

    Nooo.. not good for inter.. find cb like lucio talent

  • I miss Marco Branca

    why not just get Bonera from AC Milan ….. He’s much better than Diakite ! I don’t understand this organization…… you sign a pice of crap called VVidic, go after Diakite yet you don’t call Silvestre back? Silvestre is much better than Diakite and Vidic any day of the week and his salary is half that of Vidic !!

  • Inter4Ever

    Why not get thiago silva!!! XD

  • Dani Milekić

    Please, no Diakite.

  • El LoboNerazzurri98

    Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio should have focused his attention on a few Udinese players that have been a revelation this season in Thomas Heurtaux, Silvan Widmer. The Frenchmen Heurtaux has been a very versatile player playing in a defensive midfield role and being the main pillar in the heart of the Udinese back line. Silvan Widmer has been mostly playing in his natural right back role but has also been deployed on either side of the wing play in defense and in midfield this season and has played well. He’s focused on players like Dragovic, Schar and Rhodolfo that are out of reach because of there respected clubs asking price. These players are questionable and unknown that they will adapt to Italian football. Heurteax and Widmer are known players that have adapted to the Italian game and have improved there skills through the years playing in Serie A. They would have improved our central defense and on the wing which inter have been plagued with inquires and inconsistency. Heurtaux and Widmer would have been more realistic transfers with the Nerazzurri already doing business with Udinese owners the Pozzo Family( owners of Watsford, Granada and Udinese) for “The Wall of Granada Jaiison Murillo.

    • Pick

      udine are not selling in jan.

      • El LoboNerazzurri98

        I believe they could have done deals for them this transfer window for Heurtaux and Widmer to arrive to the San Siro this summer just like they struck a deal with the Pozzo family for Jaisson Murillo.

        • Pick

          we will find better solutions

          • El LoboNerazzurri98

            Lets hope so with the Nerazzurri defense looking shaky at times and aging this season, we need to look to make the D solid in front of goal so Handa can be more secure. Nagatomo, Campagnaro and Vidic are aging as well as the inconstancy of Johnathan, Andreolli and Ranocchia we need to refresh the back line. Murillo is a good young quality defender that has the skill set to become a player like former Inter defender Ivan Cordoba. I still think a Widmer, Heurtax and Murillo Nerazzurri defense would be one of the strongest in Serie A and in Europe.

  • Joe

    WHY NOT SCHAR! He has to be cheap with a contract expiring in the summer. WTF Inter?

    • Faisal Siregar

      just be patient man, if get him right now Inter have to pay his contract if we a bit more patient we will get him free in next windows. i think Ausilio is not a fool. just believe him

  • Forza nerazzuri

    From dragovic and schar to diakite???