Allofs: “We are not the underdog, Inter have weak points”

February 27, 2015 17:39
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The Wolfsburg general manager Klaus Allofs commented the Europa League draw where Wolfsburg got Inter in the next round:

“We take this in the best possible way we can. I don’t see us as underdogs, we are equal. Inter have already shown weaknesses this season. Anyway we will have to play two good games to pass to the next round. We are facing a team with a lot of tradition and that is something that we like. All in all it is an adversary that we don’t fear.”

Source: t-online

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Andrian

    Of course they are better than us for now, no doubt about that. They are playing more attacking and beautiful football than us. But so what? Until both legs are finished, we will never know what will happen on the pitch and the end result.

    And why should we afraid of them? We are Inter, we are always underestimated, we are always the underdog, we will always be the bad guys. It’s in our bloods. We will give them the hardest game ever that they will never forget. Unleash the hell and let’s get the party started!

  • jemi

    So sad… Brozovic cant play in EL.. hope Ambrosio and Santon fit for the match

  • postal

    That might be the worst opponent we could draw. They’re in amazing form, crushed Bayern just a few weeks ago. De Bruyne, Schurrle and Dost are having the best games in their lives recently. I think we’re the underdogs here. We need to improve in the upcoming matches. We can start with Fiorentina 🙂

  • urosgr

    not in german nature but i think they will underestimate us a bit

    • D Hatch

      Yes, but they have reason to

      • urosgr

        it always ends bad

  • PhiLeo

    its psychology war from now on till match day. it would be a even match. luckily it wasn’t schakle04 with raul gonzales we’re facing!

    • HP

      Worst game ever 5-2. Still hurts

      • Faizin Setiadi

        that we started brightly with superb shooting from Legendary Stankovic! still not quite believe it!!

  • Inter4Ever

    Actually wolfsburg are better Mr.Allofs…

    • Pick

      we will see

      • Inter4Ever

        I hope inter wins dude – but I am just saying they are CURRENTLY better than us – I mean no disrespect for the team

        • D Hatch

          They are better, but are Bayern not better than them? We shouldn’t write ourselves out quite yet, we’ll se how things go. We would have to face tough opposition sooner or later, and this should be a good game. Forza Inter

          • Inter4Ever

            Couldn’t agree with you more

    • Abdi

      Are you a Wolfsburg fan or Inter fan? Please change your nickname. We are not playing Bayern. These two teams are equal just like Allofs said. It can go either way. No clear favourite.

      • Inter4Ever

        … wow, so your attacking me for my opinion. Being an inter fan doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be realistic… I am cheering for inter with a passion but wolfsburg have a better team – they are second in the bundesliga and did you see their match against bayren? How the hell did I indicate that I am a wolfsburg fan???? Stop trying to act like a hero and try to be mature, clearly you just attack people on their opinions

        • Faizin Setiadi

          spot on, man!

        • Abdi

          Sorry about that mate. I didnt meant to offend you. I was just surprised by your comments. That was something only a Juventus or Wolfsburg fan would say. Yes, it is true that i said we should focus on not getting relagated to serie B. But that was a time when every Inter fan was questioning Mancini cause we were loosing every game.

          • Inter4Ever

            Well sorry if i offended you, but wolfsburg are pretty good and I don’t want to be crushed by being too optimistic about this match -in the end we both want the win for inter, so as a fellow fan I think it’s safe to say we are friends 🙂

    • Donny Prasetya

      To be honest for now they are better team than us but they have over dependency with kevin de buyrne and bas dost, especially kevin. If we can somehow lock kevin from the game I believe we can win.

      • Inter4Ever

        Yes this is how someone should respond, an actual VALID opinion and observation, on behalf of this community I thank you for not being one of the idiots

      • dudd

        Santon can do the job. And i hope D’Ambrosio can be ready for these games… We have no other decent full back.

  • black and blue

    We have about 40 days before the clash ! We should work on those weaknesses ! We need to be focused troughout the match and hopefully we can go to the next round !

    • Andrew Wells

      First leg is on March 12th think your maths is a little off there….

      • black and blue

        Really ? I thought it was on april !

        • Kristian Jakubowski Havn

          40 days that really made my day haha

          • Faizin Setiadi

            hahahahaha.. that’s it, a true joke!

    • Abdi

      Only two weeks left dude. They just resumed playing the european competitions after the winter break. Why take another 40 days break lol.

    • Qeu

      40 shades of drunk xD