Express: Felipe Pushes Vidic Out of Milan?

February 27, 2015 23:03
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According to the UK’s “Daily Express” there is talk of some tension between Vidic and Inter and the the arrival of  Felipe has not improved the situation. The former Manchester United captain has taken the signing of Felipe as a lack of confidence in his abilities, despite having a contract until 2017. Notably, Liverpool are said to be interested if in the player if he were to leave Appiano Gentile.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • dudd

    There is no truth in that. The brits can say whatever they want.
    I think Vidic will stay, even with a drop on his wage. Ranocchia should be worried.

  • jemi

    Bravo felipe 😀

  • Lol, Express being Express.

    Felipe has only signed for 6 months anyway, has nothing to do with Vidic. Maybe he does leave in the summer, but it’s certainly not because of Felipe.

  • Inter4Ever

    … fucking media blowing stories out of their asses

  • postal

    Going Full Retard: never a problem for the british media 🙂 In fact they consider it a challenge and have to compulsively repeat it every week ;p

  • frigo

    Who wrote this bullshit? Even someone who doesn’t care much about football, could know that after 8 years in Manchester United, there’s no chance for Vidic to play for Liverpool. Anyway, i really don’t understand what’s the problem between Mancini and Vidic?!?! Even it’s obvious that he’s not in good shape, he was much more better against Cagliari compared to our beloved captain Ranocchia was against Celtic, especially in first game.

  • Ognjen Dakic