FCIN: Evidence of an Icardi Renewal

February 27, 2015 23:11
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According to “FcInterNews.it” Icardi and his entourage will meet with Ausilio between Sunday night and Monday morning to talk about a contract renewal. Moreover, the Inter news site reports that the desire is there on both sides to renew the player’s contract.

On the table there is rumoured to be a renewal for 3M Euro’s until with the contract running until 2019 but there is also the image rights that are important to both sides. Additionally Inter would like to insert a clause relating to his potential sale this summer.

Source: FcInterNews.it

Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    50 mil clause is logic…

  • Hand- Gun

    Clause 30 mil is cheap. icardi arround 70-100mil euro.. same level with pogba..

    • Aaron

      Same level as Pogba? Lol no,just no okay he’s good but not worth the same pricetag as pogba…35-40 million would be fine.

  • Manuel Adrović

    Icardi’s agent would like to insert a clause at 30 mil pounds. It is in his interest, he will have percents in his sale + Icardi will have at least as twice as earnings in chelsea or other club than in inter. In inter he can have max 3,5 mil, other clubs can offer him 7. So at the end, it is all about the money again 🙂

  • What could that sale clause be?

    I hope he stays.

  • Inter4Ever

    Great news – just tie him down and give him the salary he deserves

    • ceSoloInter

      sale clause 100m and goodbye 🙂