Mancini about facing Wolfsburg

February 27, 2015 17:17
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Mancini training

Right after the Europa League draw Roberto Mancini had this to say about the coming adversary Wolfsburg:

“We got the second team in the Bundesliga, they beat Bayern 4-1 not long ago in the league. It will be a difficult game but all games in the playoffs in European competitions are difficult and fun to play. We will work to prepare ourselves in the best way possible for the game.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Aji Sayid Awlia

    I think the winner of this competition, could be came from this match. It’s just the same feeling when we get Chelsea in treble season.

  • Inter_RMX

    To beat Wolfsburg is win with double taste, my Inter win and we take out all German teams from EL.

  • postal

    Ranocchia vs DeBruyne, Schurrle and Dost. Shudder.
    But also Lord Kuzmanovic vs Lord Bendner. A battle of epic proportions!

  • ForzaKovacic

    Guess we have to beat Juventus 4-1 now.

  • PhiLeo

    mancio still yet to prove himself in europe. this match should be his time to prove he has what it takes for a club like Inter.

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Mancio, please listen we fans.. I beg you please to drop number 23 eventhough he is fantastically great in training..

  • Inter4Ever

    At least he’s confident… hope he can pass that to the team