Milito: I Still Follow Inter, Mancini…

February 27, 2015 23:25
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In an interview with “” Diego Milito responded to some questions about his former club Inter. He said: “Obviously I still follow Inter, I still have a great feeling for them. It’s a club that gave me a lot and I am always in contact with Palacio. I also have a great relationship with Zanetti and I hear from him often. This time is not the best for them but I am positive that they will rise again, as they are a world class club.

Is Mancini the right person? He is a coach who knows the environment, the club, has experience and has won so much. I have no doubt he is the coach to get them back on top.”

On the final in Madrid: “How often do I think of it? It will stay in my mind for my entire life as it was a unique moment. A lifelong struggle to reach that point and to be lucky enough to win it is a childhood dream. Then to score a brace in the match goes far beyond that. It was simply unforgettable.”


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino