Mancini’s P-C ahead Fiorentina: “Shaqiri can recover, Central defenders have to be smarter..”

February 28, 2015 16:46
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Mancini and Inter wants the fourth win in a row, after have beaten Palermo, Atalanta and Cagliari will Inter face Fiorentina tomorrow at San Siro, with kick off 18:00 (CET). Both Inter and Montella’s Viola went through to the next round in Europa League last Thursday.

The Nerazzurri coach Roberto Mancini is present in the halls of the Angelo Moratti Sport- Center for today’s press conference ahead  Fiorentina.

What further progress would you like to see Tomorrow?

“It’s will be a certain game, after have played last Thursday. I hope that the team is well physically and can improve even further, We can stand some errors”.

Shaqiri, will he rest or play from 1st min?

“He could play because he rested against Cagliari, The younger players can recover more quickly”.

What things do you like about Montella?

“He’s a good kid and deserves satisfaction and he makes Fiorentina play very well”.

What is your opinion about Thohir’s words?

“We’re calm, after the lastest wins, we also need to talk about the future”.

Any worries about the FFP?

“I don’t know”.

What things still doesn’t work for you?

“We can’t loose the ball that many times as we do, we still does errors and we need to improve on that. The central defenders should not have any fear be standing face to face, they have to be smarter and figure out the situation before it happens. If they improve this they would have a great advantage”.

And this can be a dangerous thing tomorrow?

“Every game is difficult and Fiorentina have fast and technical players just as the other teams. We have to on our toes”.

Mancini against Montella is the challenge between to two technical ex strikers..

“I hope that the players will be the ones who will entertain the audience”.

Do you feel sad about Parma’s situation?

“Yes, I hav been there a couple of times and I admire Donadoni for the thins he’s doing. In these cases you don’t understand a thing and it unfortunately brings consequences and problems with the league”.

Fiorentina plays the best football in Italy?

“I don’t know about that but they play very well. I believe that Juventus, Roma and Napoli are the better ones. Inter? We need more time”.

Have you learned something from Montella?

“He made a lot of goals, thanks to me (he laughs). It was a pleasure to play besides him. As a coach, you always learn something from everyone”.

Is it easier to let a goalkeeper or a striker leave?

“It’s difficult to say now, Let see what we are able to do and what the transfer market permits. If there’s a striker that scores 20 goals in a season it’s difficult to let him go, on the other hand with the money he can bring us, we might be able to get two-three players that can improve the team. But as I said: It’s to early to talk about that”.

The defense are similar between Fiorentina and Inter?

“They have players playing defensively but the team has offensive mentality. They play well and have played together for some time”.

Do you think that Montella can be on his way to Milan?

“I donut know, he has the experience to train all teams even the great ones. But young coaches has to think about what’s best for their future, choosing a playground that gives them time to work in calm”.

Is Europa League tha main target?

“It would be better to wait, then when it’s clear we moves forward, We have a lot of gap from the first part of the season, you might think it’s better to thinking on the Cup, but it’s too early to say”.

What’s the secret of Santon’s performance?

“I believe he’s a bit tired now but he’s young and haven’t been playing for ten months, he has a good margin to recover. Now he can start having trouble since he only trained and not played matches with Newcastle. Their training are very similar to ours and we’re are vert glad of what he has proven after all he’s a Inter boy”.

Has Kovacic earned different positions and how is Podolski?

“He doesn’t have to earn anything, he is one of my favorites, He only has to play. Lukas on the other hand, I hope he finds the net, He played well against Cagliari only a goal missing”.

Has Guarin found continuity?

“He’s 28years old and is mature, he has a history behind him, He doesn’t know why he has struggled the last years. He doesn’t always play well, but I hope he continues like this”.

It seems that there are happy with draw, facing Inter in Germany…

“We hope that we can strike from behind, but I have respect, The possibility to go to the next round is equal”.

FcIN: ” How is Palacio’s condition? Will Vidic play from the 1st minute?

“Tomorrow morning we will decide many things, also talk to the players. We’re still 24 players and everyone is well enough, We will decide tomorrow”.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson