Moratti: “For the eight time, the calciopoli sentence was confirmed”

March 25, 2015 21:56
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Inter’s former president Massimo Moratti commented the calciopoli sentence from the Court of Cassation(highest court in Italy):

“Besides some interesting interpretations that were different from the reality, it is very easy to understand that for the 8th time, from the first sentence in July 2006, until the last court decision(5 different courts until the Court of Cassation), the validity of the accusations and sentences of the former Juventus directors (Giraudo and Moggi) have been confirmed. There has been nine years and I’m noting that the conclusions of the Court of Cassation are exactly the same as the sports court which means their decisions weren’t taken in a hurry.

I don’t even want to start over old questions about calciopoli were the prescription also happened, but some comments after the sentence are not realistic. Especially those comparing two very different situations. And I don’t want to start the questions about who will receive the titles, neither those about demanding damage costs, I know very well what happened in the past and I just hope that there will be respect from everyone about a historical reality that leaves no space for different interpretations.”


Writers comment: For those of you who don’t understand what Moratti is talking about, he is talking about Moggi’s words on the sentence which were: “We have been joking for nine years. In nine years we have confirmed that the championship was legal, the game were drawn equally and the conversations about the referees didn’t exist.”

This just after receiving a sentence confirming that the Serie A was ruled by a criminal conspiracy led by Moggi and Giraudo favoring Juventus and all clubs on their side. You will see Juventini celebrating this sentence, and that just says the most about them as they are celebrating being sentenced, once again.

By Editorial Staff


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