Firmino stays as a dream for Inter, Arsenal ready to offer…

March 29, 2015 21:11
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After the friend match victory in Paris against France, Brazil went to London to face Chile, The match-winner was Roberto Firmino who has been monitored by Inter during the last transfer session.

The offensive midfielder of Hoffenheim in Bundesliga has so far scored 46 goals in 144 fixtures (which has lead to the National team) seems to have his future marked.According to is Arsenal ready to offer 30 million euro for his services.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • Mohamed Kindi

    Worth paying for its the deal we need include Palacio in the deal we can beat Arsenal if we move first

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Inter is always late to calculate and analized how far talented players could improve at their young age that lead to dificulties to negotiate with them at the future because the number is already hugely change. We have chance to sign firmino 4 years ago and we don’t.. I can tell more of this casd:

    – Same thing goes to Coutinho who sacrificed for Alvarez, later on they also sold Alvarez when Cou’s already turn to gold and out of reach.
    – Next bitter story when zamparini twice offer 20yo Cavani for 10 mil, after a year, he he offer him again for 18 mil and we refused both of it.
    – 3 years ago we have chance to sign Julian Draxler and we don’t
    – At the end of 2009, WB offer us Mesut Ozil, the management think different, later on he perform very good at WC, join RM, and sold to Arsenal for a lot of cash.
    – Veratti once offered to Inter, he is really young (play for primavera).
    – Lucas Moura, we could close the deal 3 years ago for 5 mil while he is still anonymous, but we don’t.
    – At 2008-2009 Maradona comes to Milan and talk to Moratti that he willing to help transfered Aguero to Inter, at that time we can said this is solo run deal, another expected ending, we blew this golden opportunity.

    Haunted by past story.. Thats why the name of Lavezzi still related to us because he is part of the story i’ve told above..

    • bona

      not only that, Inter also has bad reputation on developing their young talent…

    • Guest

      yea, its like is already sensing if we get darmian he would flop. with santon we already have a decent lb imo

    • Ignatius Benny

      Well, that Morarti and Branca era. This is Thohir – Ausilio era. A good sign is we sign Brosovic and Murilio under 10 million. And Inter still trying sign young talent player. And now they busy developing young player with buyback clause such as Bonnazoli, Duncan and Mbaye or loaned out such as Bardi, Crisetig, Bennasi and Longo. Now, the major problem is how to get rid mediocre player.

      • aindo

        yeah, i see a light comes out from the darkness

  • febri haryadi

    nest joke from inter’s rumours

  • I’m willing to bet my life he won’t be our player next season.

    He’s fantastic, but I’ve got a feeling he won’t be for long if he joins Arsenal :v Perhaps the same goes if he joins us 🙂

    He’s probably gonna be way too expensive for us and there’s also the fact that we’d probably face difficult competition. I don’t understand why Mourinho didn’t get him for Chelsea, he’s so well fitted to his style – technical, versatile, hard working.

  • Inter4Ever

    I feel like he’s gonna be a bench warmer in arsenal

  • A~Nerazzurri

    Golden boy , I see a grade player in this boy . after two years his price goes up and real madrid will pay another 100 millions for him . i wish him best (Even he join arsenal)