Dragovic: We will see what will happen

March 30, 2015 14:54
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Inter have been targeting Dinamo Kiev defender Aleksander Dragovic for some time now.  The Austrian defender is believed to be worth about 15 million euros.  Today Dragovic spoke to Spox.com about his future:

“Right now I am only thinking about my club and doing well for the national team.  I am not thinking about leaving now.  We will see what will happen in the summer.”

Source: FcInternews.it

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Herditya Pradipta

    I think either him or Schaar will end up as our player

  • goldenalcid

    Hey guys, I’m asking for some opinion here, who’s better between Dragovic and Schar?

    • Dani Milekić

      I think Dragovic is more physical and Schar is better on the ball.

    • Jose Comoro

      i think Inter should get them both

    • Havar

      It depends on needs, they are different defenders and both have useful attributes. Schar is more versatile than Dragovic, and since our defense is lacking in almost every area, I’d take the more complete defender.

      Defensively he outdoes Dragovic in positioning, awareness and composure. And his quality on the ball fits the modern game perfectly, particularity if we continue to pass the ball from deep. His passing range, dribbling ability and vision exceeds that of half our midfield (Medel I’m looking at you). He is difficult to dribble past one-on-one, a good tackler and and strong in the air despite not being the tallest defender. However he is not the most physical defender and can be beaten for strength. Dragovic has him covered in this regard.

      We’ll miss out on both anyway. Waited too long and competition and price has increased beyond our grasp. Can’t fathom how we could spend upwards of 12mil on Silvestre and 8mil on Murillo while these two have been right under our noses.

  • febri haryadi

    Darmian, Schar and him, join with santon
    our defense will be better

  • A~Nerazzurri

    he is good actually very good but his price too high for a defence . on other hand we can getting schar for free . we can use this money better.

  • Vincent Chandra

    Again, he practically agreed to join us last summer for 6m. and now we’re paying almost 3 times that amount. We have to get him and Schär this time!

    • Havar

      That practically summaries the Inter business model. As well as selling players for a third of their worth.

  • Inter4Ever

    Darmian and this guy in the summer would be perfect

  • InterScout

    IF only Ausilio brought him along with Lacazette and Fekir! 🙁 one can dream…