Mario Suarez Agent: “Last January there were also Inter”

March 30, 2015 20:14
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Manuel García Quilón who is Mario Suarez agent confirmed interesting news regarding his client and Italian clubs. He spoke exclusively to and here are his words:

“Mario Suarez to Milan? I don’t know, He was monitored by three Italian clubs in January, those were Milan, Inter and Napoli. He’s is a spectacular player, and the Italians wanted him.”


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • Frans Juliver Purba

    decent maybe, but not spectacular!

  • Inter4Ever

    We almost had him…

  • Mohamed

    Sami Keidra is leaving this summer for free.. Might as well get him instead of Mario Suarez.

    • Inter4Ever

      How expensive is he?

      • Mohamed

        I don’t think he is worth more than 10-12 million, but you have to remember how Real Madrid players can make a huge impact in inters team and some are players that madrid didn’t see the potential with them or just simply thought they weren’t that important. To name a few: Samuel, cambiasso(free transfer) and sneijder.. i don’t think I need to elaborate further on what Madrid missed out on those three lol.